Amazing how hair can change your look!

Going crazy and curly today.
Used my #babylissipro230. I’ve had this for a year or so and this is by far the best curling iron for me. It is very handy and so easy to use.

There are so many things I love about this product:
1. It has nano titanium ceramic plates which will make your hair soft and shiny. I doesn’t break your hair strands like what other straighteners do.
2. It is multi-purpose. It has flat plates on the inside to straighten your hair (my straight hair in the picture is my natural hair, didn’t use this straightener for that) and curved plates on the outside to create curls. Once you get the hang of using it, you can even be creative with your curls.

I prefer to curl my hair because it makes it look like I have thicker hair than I really do.

Plus, it emphasizes my ombre. I bought mine from Landmark-Makati and I believe it cost me 3400 pesos but that came with a discount. I think the original price is 4000-ish. That includes the box, manual, the iron (of course) and a cloth. I just wish it came with an adapter. I had to buy one from Ace hardware for 50 pesos.

Tip – Babyliss always has discounts for their products but sometimes the sales ladies are not aware so I suggest you have a cashier check the price for you. 😉

I know you may think that the price may be too much but it is worth every peso. Trust me! It is a great investment. After all, it is our crowning glory we are talking about.

Let me know your thoughts on this or feel free to reach out if there are any products you want me to try for you. ❤️

IG : @allaboutbeautybydee
Email : allaboutbeautybydee@gmail.com

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