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The Face Shop Eyebrow Products

The Face Shop

  • Color my brow Mascara in light brown (P395) – GET IT HERE
  • Style My Eyebrow Pencil in Gray Brown (P150) – GET IT HERE
  • Design my eyebrow retractable liner in Gray Brown (P225) – GET IT HERE

The story of me wanting these products is actually pretty funny. We were walking around BGC area when we saw a branch of @thefaceshopph . We thought of staying there since one of us needed to go to a restroom nearby. While checking out their products inside the shop, we just fell in love with the eyebrows of the saleslady there. We couldn’t stop ourselves from looking at her and so we decided to ask her what she used for her brows, she gave us some tips and pointed out which products she used.

My 1st thought after using it was, it’s a perfect set if you want natural looking brows. If you look at the pic (lower left), you will see that I haFaceShopve VERY thin eyebrows. You’ll also see how my brow looked after I used their products. It looks very natural. For those of you who are comfy using eyebrow pencils, their eyebrow pencil and retractable brow liner is super easy to apply.

The retractable brow pencil comes in a triangular pencil shape which makes brow filling so much easier and has a pretty good spoolie on the other end. The pencil is not too soft so it doesn’t break easily. It’s also not too waxy which is perfect for folks like me who have oily skin. Piece of advice for those who have oily skin, avoid using oil based or waxy cosmetics. It will only make the oiliness worse. I love how it naturally blends with your real brows and you can use the spoolie to make it look more natural. I wore it my entire 9-hours shift and in all fairness, the brow filling remained very  much intact.

The brow mascara is something that I never used in the past because I find it challenging to use. But this one from The Face Shop is surprisingly so easy to apply. It does fill and color your brows.

If you want fuller and more natural looking eyebrows, use the brow pencil to draw the frames of your eyebrows. Then use the retractable liner and the brow mascara to fill the inside. Use the spoolie to blend and give it a more natural look.

Overall, I love their products. I will probably get a darker shade since I want my brows to be a little darker than my brows in the pic. Great thing is, they have several shades available so there really is a perfect shade for everyone and they are available locally at any #thefaceshop branch. Look them up on IG, FB or google to know more about their products.

Some people said these products are too pricy, I have friends who use these products and they felt the same way but after using it, they have realized that these products last for months. If you think about it, it’s a pretty good bargain for perfect eyebrows!

Let me know your thoughts on this or feel free to reach out if there are any products you want me to try for you. ❤️

IG : @allaboutbeautybydee
Email : allaboutbeautybydee@gmail.com

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