Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner

I was super exBenefit - They're Real Push Up Liner.PNGcited to try this because of all the buzz I was hearing about benefit’s they’re real collection!

I saw this at @sephoraph so I immediately added it to my cart. My first thought was, the box and the container looks fab (as always) but it is pretty small for the price. I got the mini one for 700 pesos.

The bigger size costs 1400 pesos. I know I ordered a mini but didn’t expect it to be that tiny. The entire bottle including the cap is just a little bit bigger than my middle finger. “It’s benefit, it must be worth it”, I said to
myself. Benefit - They're Real Push Up Liner 3

I always prefer pen designs and this specific one is very handy and convenient to carry. The angle of the rubber tip is great and unique but this may be challenging to use for most women especially for first timers using pen eyeliner. I asked 4 other girls to try this for the 1st time anBenefit - They're Real Push Up Liner 1d we all had a hard time using the liner because of the tip. It was frustrating at first but since I spent a lot on this eyeliner I was determined to practice and get it just right. After a couple of days of using this, I finally got the hang of it.

This is a gel liner with very thick consistency compared to liquid ones. Its angled opening dispenses the gel.
Benefit - They're Real Push Up Liner 2You have to twist the bottom of the pen to get the product to the tip. Do not over-twist it because I notice that if you twist it more than you should, it falls off since it is kinda soft or it clumps up which then has the tendency to get stuck on your lashes. When that happened to me, I took the small ball off my lashes, put it on a piece of paper and used my pen to get some of the gel and apply it on my eyelids. It was not the coolest experience but I did not want to waste it.

What I love about this product is its color – it is very black. If you are going for that classy black eyeliner, you can create a thin black line on each eyelid but you can absolutely make it thicker and blacker for a rockstar look.

Additionally, it does not smudge! A big one for me! I wore it before I started my 9-hr shift and it looked the same 9 hours later. You may want to use an oil based make up remover because it is kinda hard to remove.

I’ve always been a big fan of quality and I don’t mind spending money on products that I know is worth the price. This one is a 👍 for color, smudge proof and lasts long. The rubber tip seriously needs to go!

Want it? Get it HERE!

Thanks for reading my review! 💋

Let me know your thoughts on this or feel free to reach out if there are any products you want me to try for you. ❤️

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Email : allaboutbeautybydee@gmail.com

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