The best free face cream sample ever! 

I got my Zenutrients Nourishing Olive Face Cream from #sampleroomph about a week ago. I have been using it daily since then. As I mentioned in my previous reviews, using it more than once helps me assess the product carefully. I learned about sample room when a friend on Instagram shared a picture of her orders. I got so interested so I signed up and started ordering.

I ordered a few samples including Zenutrients products last 5/20 which was a Friday and received them 2 business days after.

Opening the package felt like Christmas eve. I was so happy to see that the sample sizes weren’t that bad at all. Zenutrients and Sample Room were so generous to give a 50g Zenutrients Nourishing Olive Face Cream sample. Not bad for 50 points!

Since the samples are in very easy to open containers, I immediately tested them out to see the consistency and the smell of it. Sample room stated in the description box that this product deeply moisturizes dry skin. You just need to dab it onto your skin after washing, and massage in a circular motion. It is made with coconut, avocado oils and grapefruit extract. The avocado part must explain the color of the product. It is very green and may bother some people but I didn’t mind.

I use this after washing my face at night before I go to bed. It is very easy and practical to use because a small amount of the cream goes a long way. The texture is light and is easily spread. I love that it is not too thick, not greasy nor sticky. The smell though is quite strong. My sense of smell is the weakest of all! But my roommate would always tease me about the smell. Don’t get me wrong! She did say it is not bad or foul, it is just too strong! It needs around a minute or two to disappear. I have to say, it leaves a lingering cool sensation and you can feel your face so tight and moisturized.

Let us not forget that this is manufactured in the Philippines and is guaranteed to be natural and organic!

Am I buying this again? Absolutely! What was so amazing was, I saw their mini section at Landmark Makati which, for me, means very accessible. 🙂

I will recommend this to those who are suckers for natural/organic products. I have tested 2 products from Zenutrients and I have never been more satisfied! This is my new fave face cream! This is a perfect product for you if your skin is dry.

And the prices are within the budget! So start pampering your skin by giving it the care it deserves. Grab your own samples from #sampleroomph now or visit their stores nearest you!

 Thanks for reading my reviews!

Let me know your thoughts on this or feel free to reach out if there are any products you want me to try for you. ❤️

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Email : allaboutbeautybydee@gmail.com




2 thoughts on “The best free face cream sample ever! 

  1. Wow! Same thoughts here, I love it! I thought I will not like it because after applying it for two days, theres still no effect. But after the third day, I can feel my face smoother, and my boyfie notices it too ☺️ Though I dont mind the smell because I do love smelling it.


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