The battle of the Replicas and Authentics!

Replicas vs. Authentic – Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade (Get yours HERE!)

I would like to start this blog by saying I intentionally purchased these Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade replicas for this blog. I give higher value to quality so I always go for authentic ones. I would rather buy cheaper brands but authentic than buy replicas of more expensive and popular brands. Let me make it clear that I do not have anything against those who want to purchase or those who are purchasing replicas of different products. This blog does not intend to discriminate or berate those who sell and use these replicas. Not everyone has thousands of pesos to spend on lipsticks, eye shadow palettes and eyebrow products. Some people only have enough for the things they need and not have extras for their wants. It is unfortunate that some people are not even aware that what they are buying are replicas. img_9250

My intention for posting this blog is to share the differences and similarities of authentic Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade and its replicas. I chose this product because I have met a lot of make up junkies and they all say that this is their holy grail of eyebrow cream. Because of the demand and popularity of this pomade, it is not surprising that it has inspired a whole bunch of knockoffs spreading all over the world.  A lot of us want what’s “in” but not everyone is willing to pay the price.

Nowadays, these replicas have invaded stores, tiange’s here in the Philippines, and are even available for purchase on several social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram.  The price tag may be very cheap but they are getting better and better in copying everything – from the packaging to the actual product. Almost any item you can imagine (bags, cosmetics, shoes, etc) can end up being replicas and if you do not pay close attention to the details, you will not even know that they are not authentic.

Keep reading if you want to know the ways to spot the replicas from the authentic Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade.IMG_9216.JPG

Let’s begin with the packaging. Notice the font size
and color are different. It is a little challenging to pick up in a photo but the authentic (right) is more rose gold-ish, the logo is smaller and the font is a little bit bigger. While the replica(left) is copper-ish. The box of the authentic obviously looks more presentable.


I have to say that they did an amazing job in copying the logo. You need sharp eyes to notice the authentic’ logos (#3) are cleaner and more solid.





Notice these 2 containers – one is authentic and the other is not.

Can you tell which one is which? It took me a lot of practice and time to figure that out. The authentic(right) has thinner and cleaner font while the replica’s (left) font appears to have bigger, bolder and darker font.

The container itself will give you a hint which is authentic. If you look at the shape of the container, the replica’s container is curvy while the authentic’s is not.

The labels on the bottom of the container is also another hint or indicator if what you are holding is authentic or a replica. The authentic (soft brown) has smaller and cleaner prints while the replicas’ have a little bit bigger and bolder prints. it is not that noticeable on the picture but is so much easier to observe that when you are actually holding it.


The picture below shows 2 replicas and one authentic pomade. The authentic (#3) thicker in consistency and is so much easier to apply. It is also more pigmented and lasts longer than replicas. What stood out for me when I first looked at the replicas (#1 and #2)  is the hit or miss presentation. Notice that #1 has a little crack on the side which would not pass the standards of Anastasia Beverly Hills. It is also greasy and rubs off easily. Quality is definitely questionable.


I tried using the replicas so I can also observe the consistency and staying power. It wasn’t that bad at all. My eyebrows looked the same when I used the authentic BUT it definitely didn’t last long. The color faded after around 2 hours. What I didn’t like about was it was a little itchy, and this is probably because I have sensitive skin but it may not happen to others. I personally do not recommend using the replicas primarily because it may contain different chemicals that are not good for your skin. The labels would usually display the same information and list of ingredients as the authentic but we can’t really be so sure of what’s in it.

I hope you find this blog helpful. Next time you are offered Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade at a very cheap price, look back to these tips to decide if you are getting a good deal.

Thanks for reading my reviews!

Let me know your thoughts on this or feel free to reach out if there are any products you want me to try for you. ❤️

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