My 500-peso (11USD) beauty! 

“Beauty comes with a price”! We have heard this many times before but hey, nobody ever mentioned the price tag!

My take on that is, you can spend hundreds, thousands so long as its within your budget. If you have all the money and can afford to buy fancy cosmetics, I say go for it! But if you’re fund is limited, let’s keep it within budget.

7-10 years ago, I was still a student and was a mayor’s scholar. I wait for my allowance every quarter and ask for “baon” from my dad once in a while. Looking back to those days, I only knew #Avon cosmetics because my ate or my mom was a dealer, plus of course you have schoolmates who were handing me the magazine. I didn’t even know that Mac and NARS existed.

I am now a Trainer, single with zero dependents so I guess you can say I can now afford things I couldn’t in the past (Well, I started affording them a couple of months ago after I finished supporting my brother’s college finances).

Today, I thought of showing you all that you can still put on some make up and be as beautiful as you want without the NEED to buy fancy makeup. Keep reading if you want to know how to achieve that glamorous look for only 500 pesos!

BE FRIENDLY TO THE SALESLADY! That is my #1 tip. They know the products more plus if they like you or if they are after quotas, they will offer you not just their cheapest products but maybe samples too. But that’s a big maybe!

I approached one saleslady from the makeup section of Landmark and said, I need your help. I need to buy makeup products that would allow me to have full makeup for work and parties but within P500. She gave me a couple of brands to choose from but Aido and Fashion 21 are more familiar and I’ve heard good feedback about them. So I said, let’s go for those two!

First thing I grabbed was powder foundation from Aido. This baby only cost me P130. They also have a cake foundation that I thought of getting at first but it cost P165 which I figured was out of my budget.

Next, I saw they had prepacked cosmetics that cost P165, P130, P100, etc. depending on the items inside. I picked the 100-peso eyeshadow/blush set that came with what I call a “pasweet” lipstick (looked light pink to me and kinda glossy) which is perfect to the students and employees who prefer a simple look in the morning. They have different kinds of palette but I chose one where the colors worked well with my skin tone. I’m a pure Filipina and naturally have a darker complexion, or what other would say morena. I know we all want what we can’t have but I have learned to love my skin tone and I am actually super proud to have it.

As you know, I am a sucker for eye make-up so I was struggling and felt maybe I can’t pull this off because eye liners are kind of pricey. Then, I remember a couple of days ago,I ordered this Maybelline eyeliner from @zaloraph. This black eyeliner costs me P99 which I believe is super within the budget. It was impressively dark so I used this to emphasize my eyes. Good thing I bought it in Brown too but that’s not included in the challenge. I was just so happy with my shopping so I ordered that too.

Let us not forget about the eyebrows! I always tell my mom, why can’t I just have dad’s eyebrows? It’s thicker and darker. My eyebrow products are my must have anywhere I go. So I bought my favorite brow pencil from Nichido in black which only cost me P60.

That’s really all I was planning to buy because those are the only products I used when I was studying. But hey, I still have around 110 pesos to spend. Why not buy something to prettify my lashes. I bought mascara from Fashion 21. I did cheat a little because it cost 125 so my total cost for everything is P514.

And this is my 500-peso makeup look!

Not bad at all right?

The next time you buy make up, take a major stepback and ask what’s within your budget? You don’t need to sacrife food, clothes or trips just to buy more expensive products. It’s all about how you use it. After all, you’d still have to wash that off your face at the end of the day!

Thanks for reading my blogs. 💋❤️💋❤️

Let me know your thoughts on this or feel free to reach out if there are any products you want me to try for you. ❤️

IG : @allaboutbeautybydee

Email : allaboutbeautybydee@gmail.com

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