5 Different Products for Eyebrows on point!

It has been established all over the world that eyebrows are the most important part of your look (Yes, not just for women but this includes the gents) – it can make or break your appearance.


Many are wondering why we are doing this. I’ve had friends who are not big fans of makeup, approach me and asked, “what is the eyebrow makeup for?”. It sometimes annoys me when someone gives me that eyebrows-are-not-important look. First, I was born with very thin eyebrow hair and these products are the best creations ever. 

A good friend once told me that I look like an alien without eyebrows. I know she meant well and I appreciated that because “only true friends can be brutally honest”, they say. Let me throw it out there, perfect eyebrows make me feel good about myself. I don’t do it to impress other people; I do it for myself. Lastly, many of us spend a lot of time (and money!!!) maintaining perfect eyebrows – waxing, threading, filling them with products. Nowadays, some people go through hair implants/hair tattoos which costs a fortune. So yeah, it annoys me when someone gives me that look or telling me eyebrows are not important .

So, let me dedicate this blog to all the ladies out there who wants to know the many ways you can do your eyebrows and to all the haters who have yet to discover the fabulous and fun world of makeup!

Over the years, I’ve come to realize that I have used different kinds of eyebrow products – pencils, powders, creams, pomades, primers, and very recently, brow mascara joined the glam fam. The cost of each product is different. Mine ranges from P60 to P1500. Let me show you the many ways I do my eyebrows:

1. The Classics – Despite the discovery of many tools for grooming and perfecting eyebrows, the regular pencils remain to be the most widely used eyebrow essential. Pencils are use to shape, fill in and define eyebrows. This is perhaps, the most budget friendly among all my brow babies. I used a Nichido Eyebrow pencil in Brown (P60). It comes in Black too but I prefer Brown because it goes well with my hair color. Anyone who has 60 pesos and has access to a mall can purchase one of these. They have little stands in almost all malls I visit.

I often use this when I am in a hurry. It only takes me 3-5 minutes to achieve the brows that I want. First, I use it to frame my brows and then kinda fill it in using the same pencil. Lastly, I would just brush it using a spoolie. The only downside of regular brow pencils is, it is usually oil or wax based so it does not work well on me because I have oily skin and when I wear this, I usually have to do a quick touch up after around 2 hours because my brows get to oily and shiny which I don’t like.

2. The Retractables – In this picture, I used the retractable Design My Brow liner that I got from The Face Shop (P225 each). At that time, they had a buy 2 get 1 free promo so I bought 2 and got 1 at no additional charge. IMG_9479.JPGThis is my go to eyebrow product lately because it is so easy to use and this sticks longer than the regular pencils. I just glide this through my brows until I achieve the thickness and the color that I want. Then, I use concealers to clean the edges to make it more defined. If you are on a budget and concealer is not something you want to spend money on, then here’s a tip : using wipes, or a sheet of Kleenex, or whatever tissue you have at home, carefully clean the edges of your brows and it should define your brows as well. You just need to be very careful in doing it because you don’t want to erase the perfect brows you just drew.

Please excuse my eyebags in the pic. LOL

Want Face Shop’s Retractable Design My Brow liner? Get it HERE

3. The Powder Power – I’ll be very honest! I can’t remember the last time I used powder for my eyebrows so doing it last night was a bit painful (#thestrugglewasreal). I purchased this NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder almost a year ago. I am not really sure how much this was but it should be around 300 pesos when I purchased it. I used it twice or thrice and it’s been sitting there since. This came with a slanted brush and a spoolie to shape style and tame the brows. I also liked that it came with wax to keep the hair in place and still look natural.

IMG_5121.JPGI remember applying a little bit of the wax to my brows before I apply the powder (yeah, I made it my primer). Then, I applied the powder until I got the brow that I want. Finished it up with a little bit of wax again. I use a super tiny portion of the wax because I don’t want oily brows. They say brow powders are perfect for people with oily skin that is why I bought this but I find it a little messy to use so I guess that’s the reason why I stopped using it. It lasts long without the brows getting oily. It just needs you to be comfortable with applying it. A perfect brush would help you achieve those #eyebrowsonfleek!

Want to try the NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder? Get it HERE

4. Pomade – You can ask all the makeup junkies you know and they should be happy to tell you more about ABH (Anastasia Beverly Hills) Dipbrow Pomade. This is one of the biggest hits in the makeup world. It comes in 11 different shades which means there is absolutely a shade perfect for each of us. I have to say, it will probably rank 1st in terms of the price. This cost around 1000 – 1400 depending on where you bought it. IMG_5123.JPGThanks to a very amazing friend, mine cost me zero. I did mention in a separate blog that this is great value for money. A little can definitely go a long way so this small jar of brow goodness can last up to 6 months (depending on usage). I just gently fill my eyebrows with the pomade and when I am done doing that, I line off the outside of my brows with foundation or concealer or even a highlighter (pick a brand that’s not too glittery). Doing this would make it look crisp and defined. What I love about this product is, it gives you a natural finish on the brows and it lasts pretty long without smearing or looking all cakey. To a working woman like me who is always on the go, not needing to do touch ups is music to our ears.

Get Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade HERE

5. Lastly, the Mascaras! – Brow Mascara is currently a must have in my beauty bag! I love brow mascaras because it  makes my brows neater and darker yet still look natural. I want my brows to be on the darker shades so achieving that is so much easier because of Nichido Brow Mascara in Espresso (P200-ish). It comes in different shades as well so if you want yours lighter or darker, there is definitely a perfect shade for you. UFAN5988.jpgYou won’t hurt your wallets so bad even if you buy more than 1 shade. If you want bolder, sculpted yet natural looking brows, I suggest you brush this onto your brow hair lightly and upward strokes. You want to do it gently to avoid clumps or uneven color. If you wish to have Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows, go for the darkest shades.

You can mix and match different products to achieve the brows you want. I usually go for my Retractable Brow Liner from The Face Shop for the frame and very thin filling.Then, finish it up with my Nichido Brow Mascara which is what I used in the picture above.

Aside from these 5 fabulous finds, I also use NYX’s Retractable Brow Liner (Chocolate Collection) in Brown (P300). I often use this to draw the frame of my brows.

At the end of the day, it will be your decision on what kind of products you wish to use. It’s your money and they’re your brows! But keep in mind, your brows say a lot about you. According to several studies, the shape/style of your brows mean something. Curved eyebrows generally indicate someone who is people-oriented and needs real-world examples to understand a problem. Straight eyebrows mean being more direct, factual, and logical, thriving on technical details. Angled eyebrows mean someone likes to be right and strives to be mentally in-control, no matter the situation.

Whatever your choice is, make sure it satisfies you and you are doing it for yourself!

Thanks for reading my reviews!

Let me know your thoughts on this by leaving a comment or feel free to reach out if there are any products you want me to try for you. ❤️

Hope you find this helpful!

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