Long-Wearing Liquid Matte Lipstick by Pink Sugar – a total must have! 

I have seen and heard of Pink Sugar in the past but didn’t really buy any products from them because of the limited color range. Neons and light pinks do not usually work well with my skin tone.

A friend of mine recently told me about the new Pink Sugar collection that is friendlier to most skin tones. There are currently 10 shades for their tints – 5 bright shades and 5 nude/neutral shades.

I went to Landmark to check out the shades and two out of the 5 new shades stood out for me – Honey Bunny which is on the nude side of the lipstick world and Vampy Vixen which is the darkest and strongest of them all. I had my mind set to buy just 1 so I had to decide which one to get. Since dark and deep lipsticks are my go to’s , I decided to buy Vampy Vixen.

Vampy Vixen is a deep red or plum-ish lippie (depending on your lip color) that is truly an attention – grabber.

Vampy Vixen is the one in the middle

At times, I feel like wearing very little makeup so I would just fix my eyebrows (I don’t leave the house without my brows all dolled up) and put on some striking lipstick. That’s it! This very strong and appealing shade will let you stand out in a crowd even if it’s the only makeup you are wearing.

The packaging is very handy. It is sleek and I like that you can see the actual shade of the lipstick. Also, the tubes have sticker labels at the bottom which helps you in determining the shade.

It has the regular applicator which is super light and easy to use. It glides on the lips very well.

This is one of those liquid lipsticks that are so easy to apply. You may not need your lip liners. You do need your lip balms or lip primers because like any other matte lipsticks, it can dry out your lips. Applying this to your lips directly can make your lips look really chapped.

I fell in love with it the moment it touched my lip. It is so pigmented and the color is just so vibrant. It’s the shade I always want for my lips.

If you have been following my makeup journey, you should know that I have put this baby into several tests.

June 5 was a very long day for me! I went on a Saturdate, and then went out with some friends later than night. It was already Sunday morning when I hit the sack. I applied the lipstick before leaving the house and impressively, it survived a meal, dessert from Coldstone, a bottle of beer and some nachos with dip. Sure, I did a little touchup in between but it was pretty impressive.

Last night, I joined a Korean ice cream mukbang which literally means eating broadcast (check out Sandra Borja on Youtube to see us eating a whole bunch of Korean Ice Cream) . I thought of putting this baby to another test. Check out the before and after mukbang pictures below:

I ate 7 different Korean ice creams and had a few cups of water in between yet the lipstick is still pretty much there. Those are really cold and creamy treats which made it very understandable why the lipstick on some parts of my lips is all gone. Overall, I feel it did an amazing job!

Each Sugar Tint is priced at 349 pesos and is available at Landmark Makati and SM Beauty sections (haven’t checked the other malls) .

Top three things I love about this product are:

1. It is truthfully long-wearing! I would apply it before going to work and can survive my 9-hour shift without any touchups.

2. Stain-free coffee mugs! I am personally impressed that it leaves zero to very minimal stains on my coffee cups! I love this as much as I love my fave Mocha Latte from Coffee Bean.

3. Lastly, it never stained my teeth! It bugs me when I see lipstick stains on my teeth. This one is just amazing!

Summing it all up, Pink Sugar’s Sugar Tints are definitely great investments! A must have for the matte fanatics. Grab a tube of your own and experience its long lasting magic!

For more details, you may reach them via:
Facebook -https://www.facebook.com/pinksugarph/
Twitter – @pinksugarph
Instagram – @pinksugarph

Let me know your thoughts on this by leaving a comment or feel free to reach out if there are any products you want me to try for you.

Hope you find this helpful!

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