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10 Best Lip Balms

Here’s a list of 10 Best Lip Balms I have ever tried that are available in the Philippines.

Dry lips can drive someone crazy! At this age and time, there is no valid excuse for dry and chapped lips. Because we all want healthy, soft and kissable lips, I have rounded up 10 lip balms to keep your lips hydrated 24/7.

Let’s begin our lip balm roll call!

10. Watsons Moisturizing Lip Balm – This very cute and handy lip balm is available in all Watson’s branches and comes in different fruity flavors. I usually go for Strawberry-ish flavors. I thought of getting something different this time so I grabbed Luscious Grapes. This is by far the most wallet-friendly lip balms. This is perfect for students and for those who prefers to spend their money on something else. I got this for only P30. Yes, you are reading it right. It does moisturize your lips right away but definitely not long-wearing. One thing I personally don’t like about this is, you will have to use your finger or a brush for you to apply it and I’m not a big fan of that.

9. Himalaya Lip BalmHimalaya is very popular for their herbal products and recently, I have learned that they also have a lip balm. This cost me P60 which makes it another member of the budget-friendly balm family. I also like that it is not sticky and shimmery at all. Not a big fan of the packaging. It is stored in a tube. I was a little disappointed because there is not much product inside the tube. Squeezing the tube makes it very apparent that you are gonna get less than what the tube promises you. This lipbalm is 100% herbal and hypoallergenic so if you have sensitive lips, you can swipe this lipbalm for as often as you want and not worry about chemical reactions. You can buy this at any Watson’s branch and in some supermarkets.

8. Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue in Icy MintI have tried different Baby Lips products before and I have to admit, this is not going to be my favorite of them all. I like that it immediately makes your lips smooth but this is too sticky for me plus it takes a while before you get to experience that menthol feeling. My lips did stay soft and moist for hours even after drinking water but the longer you have it on, it gives you a weird taste. But my biggest disappointment from this Maybelline lip balm is what the picture below shows you. I was shocked to see a whole on the actual stick. Not sure what happened in the process but I expected more from Maybelline.

7. Vaseline Lip Therapy – A couple of months ago, I had an allergic reaction from a lipstick I tried. That caused super dry and peeling lips. I was advised to use a medicated lip balm and ended up trying this. Like what I have established, not a big fan of this packaging but this has been my go to medicated lip balm. It is super light on the lips, does its healing magic immediately and also within the budget. I just hope they change the packaging. This is available at Watson’s too but I bought mine from Landmark.

Try this lip balm for yourself : CLICK HERE

6. Human Nature Tinted Lip Balm – This lip balm is not just budget friendly, it is also Earth friendly. This costs P89 and is 100 % natural! I also like that it keeps your lips soft and moisturized with a little bit of a subtle pink shade. You do need to swipe it a couple of times for you to see the color come out. I just wish they removed the glitters. I like a little shine in my lip balms but not glitters. I don’t suggest twisting it all the way up. Why? Check out the picture(on the left) to see what happens if you do.


5. Chap Stick Classic in Spearmint – I think almost all of us have our own share of Chap Stick stories. I have tried a variety of Chap Stick lip balms but I always go back to the minty Chap Sticks. It is claimed to be a skin protectant balm so if you are looking for a balm to use when you go to the beach, this is one baby I would recommend. It will keep your lips moisturized under the sun plus you will enjoy the cooling sensation this gives. One thing I would like to point out about Chap Sticks is, never ever leave it somewhere that may expose it to the sun. I left it by the window one day and when I took off the cap the next day, the stick was softer and felt like melted wax on my lips.

Get yours: HERE

4. Lip Ice Water Colour in Vintage PinkThis is my current fave tinted lip balm. It comes in 4 different shades and Vintage Pink is the lightest in of all 4 shades. It is definitely not the most long-wearing lip balm but you can use lip liners if you want to make it stay longer. This is surprisingly very hydrating and leaves your lips with an amazing touch of warm pink. If you have dry lips but you still want to give your lips some color, this is a must try! Oh did I mention the fab packaging?

3. Nivea Essential Care – This product is incredible! I like that it leaves my lips super soft but what amazed me the most is how smoothly it glides when you apply it because of the creamy formula. There is no strong scent or funky taste that bothers me. I also love that it is not waxy like most lip balms. When I use this lip balm at work, I usually just reapply it once in a 9-hour shift. One thing that I probably would change in this product is the packaging. With or without the cap, it looks like a nose inhaler. Removing the cap would reveal a plain white twist-up packaging which I feel is a little cheap looking. If you are particular with the packaging, this may not be the perfect lip balm for you. This cost P92 pesos but I could see this lasting for about 3 months so definitely not bad of an investment.

Grab this lipbalm by clicking: HERE

2. Burt’s Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil I had high expectations from this product because most of my friends use Burt’s Bees lip balms and this is the most pricey of all the lip balms on this list. This all natural lip balm is a steal at P225. Beauty Bar has a wide variety of Burt’s Bees products. It is particularly not too oily or shiny like other lip balms. It has a great Pomegranate flavor that coats your lips with a very subtle pink shade. It has a little bit of sweetness so if you like licking your lips a lot, this would be your perfect match. It gives great coverage after one swipe and my lips felt so soft and nourished for hours. Definitely worth every peso you spend!

To get your own Burt’s Bees Lip Balm, Pomegranate Oil: CLICK HERE

img_9893-21. Bam Balm Lip Scrub – Many were tested but this one just won my heart! It was love at first swipe! Bam Balm Lip Scrub is a product of Beach Born (a distributor popular for their sea-salt spray  which I will do a full review soon). This all natural baby is a lip scrub, a plumper and a moisturizer rolled into 1 twist-up tube. I have tried a lip scrub before but they always come in a packaging where you need to get your fingers dirty. No need to do that now because of Bam Balm. It does what a typical lip balm does but what stood out for me the most is it has actual brown sugar granules which I love because you can use it to scrub off dead skin on your lips and it tastes so good that I just couldn’t stop myself from licking it. They do claim that it is edible so nothing to be worried about! You may follow @ beachbornph to view the contact # you can order it from. Sarah whom I ordered the products from was very accommodating and friendly. I got my orders the day after and they have many payment options you can choose from.

I published a review on BeachBorn’s Sea Salt Spray too. Check it out HERE .

Fortunately, lip balms have become so versatile and so accessible to everyone – from the plain ones to the fabulous tinted lip balms and let us not forget the ones with the whopping SPF God knows what numbers comes next. My point is, they are everywhere and comes in very pocket-friendly tags. I hope that this list gave you an idea which one(s) you’re gonna grab on your next visit to the mall.

Most of these are available in beauty sections but I did add some links to lead you to where you can order them online. If you are from the Philippines, here are some links I use for easy online transactions.

Buy a budget friendly Maybelline Classic Lip balm here
Get the Human Nature Pink Orchid Here
Click here for the Lip Ice Strawberry lip balms
Check out this link to get the classic Burt’s Bees Beeswax
Beach Born Facebook Page

Check out my review on Kaya Essentials lip balms HERE . Kaya Essentials is owned by a California-based pinay! They give out one meal to a Filipino kid in need for each lip balm sold. #PhilippinePride

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