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Kissproof  Lipstick by MeNow

I have seen these lipsticks all over Instagram and thought of browsing for users’ feedback. The reviews are clearly a hit or miss so I said I would pass in trying it. One day, I saw a picture of its swatches and I saw how wide their color ranges are. Next thing I know, I was ordering it from an IG seller. Angelica of Vera Shop was very accommodating, friendly and a total sweetheart. She would always update me about the status of my order and made sure that the payment option is convenient for me. We have been constantly chatting about these lipsticks and many other things while waiting for my order to arrive.

Each lipstick is less than P150 but since I ordered 10 out of 19 shades, I got a bit of a discount plus freebies. You can visit her IG to know her contact details. I ordered #s 1-7, 15, 16 and 18 but I received another freebie which was #12 so I got 11 shades in total.

Here are the shades I ordered and their swatches:



I really like how simple the box is yet you can see the actual shade even from the outside. Plus, each box contains a pamphlet that gives you some information about the lipsticks.IMG_9981.JPG

I originally thought that the packaging is really cool and kind of classic because it is in a pencil form but after trying it, I find it a bit of  an inconvenience to have to sharpen it. I just felt that having just the lipstick in your purse is so much more convenient.  I just wished it was retractable or at least came in a twist up tube which would have been so much easier to use and would mean not needing to purchase the sharpener anymore. Yep, sharpeners are sold separately (30 to 35 per pc.) Some sellers offer free sharpeners if you buy certain # of pieces. I do like that the cap fits perfectly so it does not come off when inside your pouch and stain your other makeup.

It applies very smoothly and gives you full coverage. They feel a little heavy and drying as time goes by. I would say that MeNow Kiss-proof lipsticks are average in terms of pigmentation. I love that it is buildable because I wasn’t so happy with one swipe so I did it around 3 or 4 times. 1st tip, be quick in applying it because it dries out so fast.

This lipstick obviously claims to be kiss-proof. It is indeed kiss-proof once set. It even is waterproof but definitely not oil-proof. It disappears so fast when you eat especially oily food so always keep it handy because you are gonna need to reapply it after eating. 2nd tip, when reapplying, it is best to remove the residue of your previous application to avoid patchiness. If not having meals while using this, it could stay on for up to 5 hours. I have to admit this doesn’t budge once you have applied it and let it set. Get your make up removers ready because you will need it for this one. (Follow me on Instagram to see my video of trying to remove it using wipes.)

What I personally don’t like is, I feel that it accentuates my lip lines instead of masking them. You will notice this after eating, drinking water or after 2 hours or so. You may remove it and reapply if you want a smooth finish again.

Here are some more tips I would like to share after trying these babies out for days:

> You can use lip balms before applying it but it would make it a little harder for the color to stick. You can dab it instead of full application. Do no use lipbalm or gloss on top of it because you are just gonna make it messier and it will rub off quicker.

> If you want it to last longer, use MeNow lip liners on your entire lips before applying this. It makes the color more vibrant and it lasts for additional 2 hours. What’s more amazing is, the lip liner colors are also so cheap and the shades are very similar to kissproof’s. The lipliners’s colors are so powerful too so you can use it as it is.

> You can blend the lipsticks for a fuller effect and unique shades. Just be careful because some combos can look a little funky.

I had some friends try these with me and some of them liked it while others did not. I’d recommend these to beginners or those who want powdery matte lipstick and do not mind reapplication after every meal. I would suggest you try a shade or two so you can test the chemistry of the lipstick and your lips. If you love it, then explore more shades and if you don’t, at least it’s just a couple of hundreds. Should you decide to buy, don’t forget to get it from @verashop.mnl !

Overall, I’d say this is a good product considering the wide range of available colors and of course, the price.

I am still working on my pictures since there are a lot of shades and I don’t want to try it all at once because it is so hard to remove. It may dry out my lips big time or cause my lips to crack. I will post it here soon. 🙂

Let me know if you find this helpful and don’t hesitate to leave a comment below for your requests.

Hope you find this helpful!

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