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10 Mascaras Under 500 Pesos

Lengthening, Volumizing, Smudge-proof, waterproof, no flakes, clump-resistant, amazing brush and formula combo – this is my ideal mascara! Focus on the word “ideal”. Our lashes are very spoiled by cosmetics companies offering gazillions of mascara collections. We all want those perfect, long, defined and evenly-coated lashes at the stroke of our wands but how much are you willing to pay to experience that magical moment?


Of all the makeup available in the market, mascara is said to have the shortest lifespan ( about three to five months if you want numbers) so I don’t invest a lot on mascaras. A couple of weeks ago, I took some trips to several beauty sections across the metro to grab 10 mascaras available locally and are all less than 500 pesos ($11). I thought of comparing their features and pricetags. Then, rate and place them accordingly in another #deetopten list. Now, let’s get this mascara list running:

10.Elf ELF Volumizing Mascara (P199, Landmark)
I was a little hesitant to buy this because I have a love-hate relationship with ELF products I bought in the past. This does a good job in separating your lashes but is definitely not volumizing which is what the label says.  I like the size of the brush; it is one of the easy and comfy to use brushes. IMG_0443Honestly, I was kind of disappointed with the effect. I had to do a few coats before I notice a change. But the major turn off for me is the packaging.
The 2nd (ELF) picture is taken the same day I bought it. I just put it in a bag along with other makeup and the next thing I knew, it got scratches and dirt all over. If you are into packaging, this is unquestionably not going to be your fave.

9. Ever Bilena Mascara with Fiber (P140, Watson’s SM Jazz) – IMG_0444.JPGI will be very honest that I bought this mascara because of the “with fiber” in the label. I thought it was really interesting and the pricetag says P140 so why not? I bought it at Watson’s but I also saw this available at SM supermarkets and some 7Eleven branches which make it very accessible to everyone. The package looks decent – a black and silver combo but a little bulky and nothing special. The brush is also a little fat and uncomfy to use. What I like about this is it dries really fast and it is not heavy even after a few coats. This does not volumize and is not water proof. I did not expect a lot because of the price so I wasn’t very heartbroken when I did not notice any significant changes in my lashes. I expected the fibers to at least give me some extra length but it didn’t happen. Another thumbs down for me is, it is not long lasting so you would need to bring it with you for touch ups.

8. Fashion 21 Pretty Lash Mascara (P125, Landmark Makati)– “This mascara lengthens and curls lashes for a bright-eyed look. It’s gentle to eyes and is lightweight—ideal for an effortless, low-maintenance, and natural pretty.” F21 - 1.PNGI originally bought this mascara for my 500-peso makeup challenge which I have a separate blog. I only spent P125 for this mascara. I thought it wasn’t a bad price for something I would only wear for a challenge. I liked the mascara! I used it even after the blog was posted. The brush is small and handy which I like a lot. It is very comfy and easy to apply. It didn’t give me too much volume or length but it does a good job in curling your lashes. I’m more of a volumizing and lengthening fan so this landed on #8. I strongly recommend this for beginners and ladies on a budget who likes curling their lashes.

7. Prestige (P499, Beauty Bar Glorietta 2)IMG_0446.JPGI have posted a separate review on this mascara last May. I have been very vocal on how much I fell in love with the product but I was very sad to see that this is what’s left of the hot pink tube that I loved a lot.
This does a very good job in volumizing and will definitely give you those doll eyes that you want. Like what I mentioned in my post, the brush is too fat which makes it hard to apply the product to shorter lashes. I always end up missing my shorter lashes or needing to wipe off the smudge on my face because of trying to reach my shorter lashes. It is also not waterproof. I’ve learned that I can get better mascaras for P499 or less.

6. LOL Waterproof Mascara (P139, Landmark Makati) – I have always loved LOL products but for whatever crazy reasons have not blogged about any of them. When I asked the saleslady at Landmark for their best-selling mascara, she said they only have 2 mascaras – waterproof and not waterproof. IMG_0447.JPGIf that is true, i think it is about time they offer more.The difference is just a few pesos so I decided to go for the waterproof one.It comes in a very simple, kind of glossy black tube. I know the brand is known for their simple and handy packaging but I really hope they can be more playful and creative in the future. Their website claims that you will get dramatic volume and all out length with this mascara but I don’t quite feel the same. Don’t get me wrong, I love this mascara! It has become a fave for natural looking lashes! It is light weight, easy to apply, doesn’t smudge and lasts all day. I just feel that the website describes a different mascara. For its price, it is unquestionably a great find!

5. City Color Mascara (P199, Landmark Makati)I was super excited to try this mascara because there are a couple of City Colors products that I love. First look, the pink and black combo is a big hit for most ladies! I also like that it is not too big which makes it very handy. The brush is super duper flexible and an ideal size to use for both long and short lashes. You want to make sure you do not overcoat your lashes because it takes a while to dry out and once it is dry, it flakes off which is a big no no for me. The first day I used it, it bothered me big time when I noticed that I have mascara flakes on my face in the middle of my shift. I tried doing two coats only and it was better. Pretty decent mascara for its price but won’t be a fave City Color product.

4. Nichido Long Lash False Lash Effect Mascara (P171 -discounted price, Landmark Makati)City Color.PNGNichido is another fave local brand. When I looked at the label, I immediately developed high expectations. Long Lash False Lash Effect are pretty strong words. For a brand to use it, they must have cooked something really special. This originally costs P228 but I got it on sale (25% off) so I only paid P171. My first shot at this product was amazing! I was so impressed with the thin hair-like fiber in the mascara which sticks to the ends of your lashes giving you that falsies effect without looking too fake. I remember being obsessed in applying it so my lashes can be longer. Some friends even approached me and asked what falsies I was using. I was impressed! But I was disappointed when it didn’t give me that same effect the 3rd time I used it. I don’t know if it is because I played with the fiber a lot or there’s really just not a lot of fiber. After my 2nd use, it does give me volume but not the falsies effect anymore. Another let down was, it smudges big time when you remove it with either water or makeup remover. It is easy to wash but it gave me my biggest and darkest panda eyes ever. Such a shame! I really love the falsies effect.

3. Maybelline HyperCurl Volume Express Waterproof (P149 discounted price, Landmark Makati)– I have used this mascara in the past but at one point decided to stop. Last week, this was on sale. From the regular price of P199, I brought it home after paying P149. This recently reformulated mascara is said to have lightweight volumizing black-gel formula that gives 4x volumized curl that will not smudge for up to 24 hours. What a promise for its price! Keep reading to see if Maybelline did not bring us down.Maybe.PNG

At first, I was a little unsure if I like the packaging. I was not a big fan of the metallic tube but looking at it more, I think it is kind of chic! I just hope that the tube is a little slimmer. I love that the new version came with a curvy wand and a pointer tip which allows more precise application. There are many other things that I love about this new formula. It absolutely adds volume and length. It is smudge-proof, waterproof and can hold your curls all throughout the day. The only thing that I would ask you to keep in mind is, it clumps on your 3rd or 4th coat so go easy on the swiping.

I would strongly recommend this if you want a mascara that you can use during daytime or party after work without hurting your wallets. It is very affordable yet very effective!

2. FS (Features and Shades) Infinitude Lengthening and Curling Mascara (P450, Landmark Makati) – “Get long and curly with FS Infinitude! This mascara is formulated to make lashes go fuller, longer and sculpturally curled without making them feel heavy. It’s also clump-resistant and smudge-proof. Available in rich black. “  This is what they promise in their FB page. I have researched reviews about this mascara after I first saw it but only gave me the link to their FB page.IMG_0451.JPG

The mascara comes in a very sleek, elegant, black tube. The bristles are very soft and small which allows you to coat your shorter lashes much easier. The wand is handy and flexible which makes it easier to apply the product. I really like how this mascara lengthens, separates and defines your lashes. I didn’t get the volume that I want after 1 coat so I settled with 3 coats and extraordinarily, no clumping occurred. I love how it was so light weight despite the # of coats and it also survived my 9-hour shift without a need for touch ups. It was really a close fight between this and my #1 pick. I just wish it is a little less than its current price. Without a doubt, FS mascara is a fabulous find!

1. Fashion 21 Double Up Mascara (P225, Landmark Makati)– I’ve heard a lot of good words about this product from different local beauty bloggers and vloggers I follow. It comes in a sleek, red packaging making it hard to miss when passing by or looking at the stalls in the beauty section. I did notice that after a couple of days inside my makeup bag, I also saw some minor scratches on the tube.

IMG_0452.JPGOne of the things I like about this product is, it indicates the manufacture date and I noticed that almost all of their items are fresh from their factories. The tube only says about lengthening your lashes but this mascara is also smudge-proof, waterproof and survived my 9-hour shift. What’s more impressive is, it didn’t give me panda eyes when I wiped it off like what other waterproof mascaras do. The bristles are really soft, thin and came in a size that I want my mascaras. It smoothly glides when you are applying it and it can reach my inner corners and lower lashes with no issues.The formula builds really nicely and quickly. One coating for me is enough for that natural looking fab lashes and by the 3rd coat, my lashes look longer and slightly volumized.  You can add more coating (4-5) for more dramatic and sexy lashes everyone around you will notice. By far the best local mascara I have ever tried!

I hope you enjoyed my 10 mascara picks that are all under P500 pesos and can all be bought in the local malls. Before ending this blog, let me tell you something about a mascara that I love but did not make it to our list.

A friend of mine bought me L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Butterfly Sculpt from the US for around $10 which is still within our budget if you do the conversion. Loreal.PNGThis mascara would have been my #1 pick but I had to remove it from the list because I have not seen this available in any malls nor have I seen anyone selling it online. I have seen a similar type at SM Makati which costs P500; it is also volumizing but the packaging was blue. The saleslady said the one I have is not yet available in the Philippines.Since this is my fave volumizing mascara, I just can’t post this mascara blog without a special shout out to this amazing baby. This L’Oreal volumizing mascara is definitely a must have for those who want deeper, darker and fuller lashes. It transforms my barely there lashes to rich, long, doe eyed lashes. Absolutely amazing! I will post a review on this separately.


  1. The reason we instinctively open our mouths when applying mascara is, it is actually easier not to blink when your mouth is open. 😉
  2. Mascara can dry out really fast – faster than you think. If your mascara is less than 2 months old and it’s already dry but you just want to make the most of your money, try this tip I personally do. Try running your mascara wand under hot water and then dipping it back in the tube. Rub it against the walls of the tube. See if it softens the product. If yes, then you can use your mascara just like new. If no, it is definitely about time to toss that that away.If your mascara is more than 4-5 months old, don’t hesitate to throw that away. You don’t want to save on mascara but pay for hospital fees and medicine due to eye infections. Don’t risk it!

Was your mascara mentioned? Or is there a mascara you want me to try? Feel free to leave a comment below and subscribe to get notifications from my blog.

Hope you find this helpful!

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2 thoughts on “10 Mascaras Under 500 Pesos

  1. i love revlon 3d volume photoready mascara but ung price nya 750php… hindi ko afford bumili nyan every 3 months since yan ang shelf life ng mascara. sana ok yung nichido 7x curl mascara yan muna for the meantime… dati na akong gumagamit ng Maybelline HyperCurl Volume Express Waterproof ok din yun. thank you sa blog mo and try ko rin ung fs infinitude 🙂


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