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Maybelline’s Micellar Water 

Micellar water has apparently invaded the skincare kingdom and left many people wondering what it really is and what magic it can do!
Micellar is made up of micelles (tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules) which are said to be attracted to dirt and oil. It is designed to act like a magnet absorbing the dirt off your skin without drying it out.
Micellar water is going to make every girl’s life so much easier. Let’s face it! Most of us feel so tired to remove our makeup, wash our face, tone and moisturize it after of a long day at work. This new trend will allow you to jump a whole bunch of steps because Micellar water can act as a facial wash, makeup remover, toner and moisturizer! Amazing right?
The 1st and only Micellar water I have seen in our local beauty sections so far is from Maybelline. I was checking out their items on sale and this caught my attention. I have never heard of micellar water since this product but the label promises a lot of wonderful things so I immediately grabbed a bottle to take home.
I must have said this before but I’ll say it again anyways, I love packagings that allow me to get a sneak peek of the item. The only thing that I wish they’d change is the cap. You have to twist the cap to remove it which means you need both hands to open it.
The name may sound fancy but the pricetag is a total opposite. This 200 ml bottle only costs P199 and I can see this lasting for at least a month (still depends on usage). It is affordable and accessible since Maybelline products are sold pretty much everywhere.

The front of the bottle claims that it removes makeup, cleanses, hydrates and soothes. It is dermatologically and opthalmologically tested which are big deals for most of us. Very safe for the skin and the eyes so no need to worry when removing your eyeliners.

It doesn’t have a strong chemical-ish smell. It is also oil-free which is a fantastic news for women like me who have oily skin.

What impressed me the most is, Maybelline’s Micellar water has a non-rinsing formula! You basically just need to grab a cotton pad, pour a generous amount, apply to your face as you would a toner and that’s it! No need to rinse it! You can do makeup changes without the hassle of washing off the 1st look.

I put this to test yesterday by removing different kinds of makeup. I used a cotton pad soaked in micellar water to remove 10 kinds of makeup and it scored 9 out of 10 with no skin irritation after my multiple make-up applications. I did have to use a 2nd pad for my Benefit They’re Real Eyeliner which is absolutely fine. The back of the bottle does say it removes light makeup and our beloved They’re Real eyeliner is known for it’s long-wearing feature. Along with the ingredients and manufacture date, the bottle also shares some information about micelles, the instructions and the expected results.

This is very ideal for sensitive and oily skin but I strongly recommend that you let a bottle of this hang out in your room.

Overall, it delivers! Honestly, way more than I expected it especially considering the price. I have a strong feeling that this is going to be a good friend of mine.

Visit the nearest SM beauty section or Maybelline branch and grab your own bottle. Don’t forget to comment here or message me on Instagram about your thoughts on this.

Hope you find this helpful!

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