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L’Oreal Infallible 24-hour Stay Fresh Foundation 

The foundation is stored in a glass bottle, has a plastic cap and a plastic pump. I am a big fan of makeup that has a pump because it makes it easier to dispense the product. It is also more hygienic. You just need to learn how to control the amount of product you dispense. The bottle is sealed using a sticker between the glass bottle and the cap. The top of the cap displays the shade so always keep the cap to know your shade. There are a bunch of shades that you can choose from so there is definitely a shade for all of us.

The bottle is also very informative. I love how they put the manufacturing date and also shares expiration date info. On the body of the bottle, you will see the name, description of the product and its claims to fame which includes :

No transfers

No visible imperfections

No visible shine

No dry out
These claims are very bold and gutsy I have to say. I made them my main targets when I was testing the foundation the entire day yesterday.

First heads up I am sharing is, this foundation oxidizes. So if you are acidic, make sure to get a shade or 2 shades lighter than your skintone.
The formula of the foundation is not too runny, not too sticky but very easy to apply and blend. This foundations sets super fast so make sure you work fast. You can use a brush, a sponge or your hands in applying it depending on what you prefer. Using a sponge may take longer than the 2 other options. Using your hands will save you some foundation because you are directly transferring the product from your fingers to your skin. What worked best in my opinion is using a brush. It left a more natural and clean finish without leaving streaks.
The foundation is NOT COMPLETE MATTE finish. It has a bit of dewyness. It can cover some imperfections but it couldn’t ever a bump that I had on my forehead yesterday. It lightened my undereye and concealed my veins.
It has light to medium coverage. I tried taking a picture with flash and my face registered really well. It makes your skin looks so flawless.
My day at work usually starts at 8p and ends at 5a. As much as I want to perform this test in the morning, it won’t be a good test since I just stay in bed all day. The results may vary if you wear it while the sun is out. I will try to test it this weekend to see if I get the same results.
I applied the foundation at 630P yesterday and did some random checks until I got home at 530A. After my 9P meeting which was 3 hours after I applied it, I already felt the need to blot. I have a combo skin so this didn’t mean good for me. I did my 2nd blot at around 1 am which was 6 hours after application. Like what I mentioned in my previous posts, I don’t usually do touchups because it may cause clogging on my pores. I prefer to blot instead of putting another layer of makeup. My last blot was at 330AM which was the 9th hour of wearing the product.
After wearing the foundation for around 11 hours, here are my final thoughts focusing on the above mentioned claims.

➡️I blotted 3 times and when blotting, it has very minimal transfers

➡️First layer of foundation concealed my veins and blemishes but couldn’t hide a bump on my forehead so I applied another layer. The foundation doesn’t change the color even if you apply another layer. It did not feel heavy as well.

➡️I have a combo skin and I had to blot thrice in that 11-hr timeframe so if you have oily skin, you may have to look for a different HG foundation.

➡️It did not dry me out at all but I noticed 3 small bumps under my eyebrows which may be a normal reaction of the skin since I am using a new product.

➡️The price is not the cheapest drugstore foundation so if you are on a budget and wants a quality foundation, you may take a field trip in the beauty section and see other options.

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What’s next?

Today, I will be using @essence_cosmetics all about matt foundation so stay tuned for tomorrow’s #deefirstimpressions post.

Hope you find this helpful!

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