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Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer Review

This review was a request from a good friend who allowed me to use her primer and share my thoughts on it. 
I immediately agreed because I love Revlon’s photoready collection.

My first thought on the packaging is that it is smaller yet fatter than other packagings I’ve seen. It comes in a glass pump bottle which you know I love because the primer stays steady and you don’t need to dip your finger in or accidentally pour a whole lot of product than you needed.

It stores 0.91 Fl.Oz. or 27 mL worth of product.

Each pump gives out just the right amount of product you need for one application. The primer looks whitish pink but applies transparently.

Although, I did notice that it intensified my foundation so it looked so much lighter with this primer.

This primer definitely does not have that powdery effect which can be good or bad depending on your preference. The formula is kind of creamy and it dries to a satiny soft finish that absolutely mattifies the skin. Two major downsides for me are, it made my skin feel so dry and it clinged to my dry spots big time. For a morena like me, this is a no no because dry spots are usually more noticeable on our skintype.

Picture is taken an hour after my application.

I can strongly say that it did blur my pores and unwanted lines near my eye area. It gives a blemish-free, smooth skin and a flawless looking finish. I was just really surprised how it intensified my foundation. I needed to do a lot of dabbing and blending to make sure my face doesn’t look too light. It is easy to blend and works beautifully with my foundation.

To check if it does prolong the wear of foundation, I used my Rimmel foundation which I tested last week. It did slightly prolong my foundation. It extended my foundation’s wear time by at least two hours. It took longer before the oil built up.

My face looked so matte but not flat my entire 9-hour shift. I felt the need to blot after 11 hours which is pretty awesome. The picture was taken after 12 hours and 1 blotting.

As you can see, my forehead is already so oily but my nose and the rest of my face still looks acceptable.

I did notice a zit on my right cheek after removing my makeup which is most likely caused by this primer.

Overall, this primer impressed me but like what I always say, this is my first impression which means my thoughts can change. I will test this again with a different foundation and see if it does the same.

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Hope you find this helpful!

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