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Best Brow Set from Thailand!

Mistine’s 3D Brow Set
Product Description:

Mistine 3D Brows’Secret brow Set 3 in 1 The crown molding is the face … Add color and shape to my eyebrows have a 3D model to help decorate my eyebrows professionally. 1 Pencil – create frame trim to the shape and contrast. 2 Brown eyeshadow eyebrows – eyebrows give full vent, smooth, natural-looking color. 3 mascara, eyebrow – raised to listen to details on the eyebrows. With a neat styling eyebrows Water proof, sweat proof, very long lasting

I’m a makeup junkie but if there is something I cannot live without, that would be my brow set. I RARELY get out of the house without prettifying my brows. I will scare people if I do. I wasn’t born with naturally thick brows. Mine belongs to the barely there brows. That’s why it is important for me to always have my brows all dolled up.

I’ve tested many different eyebrow products to find my holy grail. A few stood out but many were disappointing. A couple of weeks ago, I tested a new brow product that I think some of you may want to try.

This baby from Thailand comes in a very fancy gold and black packaging. Its shiny packaging just screams elegance. I’m not gonna beat around the bush because you guys know I always want to be straightforward completely honest with you, I have 3 big issues about the packaging of this product.
1. The box is too big for the item. It’s a waste of paper

2. The labels are easily scratched off especially when mixed with other makeup. So if you are so into packagings, you may want to make sure you separate this so it maintains its golden beauty.

3. The instructions do not have English translations so thank heavens for the pictures.

This comes with an eyebrow pencil, brow shadow, and browcara. All three for the price of one.

If you are from the US, I saw it available in Amazon for around $10-$15. If you are here from the Philippines, @zaloraph sells it at 799 pesos. I asked a friend who went to Thailand to buy it for me and believe me it is way cheaper than that.

There are three available shades :

1. Dark Brown

2. Light Brown

3. Grey Black

(Picture grabbed from Zalora)

I picked dark brown since I have black roots. I feel that Light Brown is too light for me and Grey Black is just not a shade that I would wear.

I was struggling using it at first. I feel that the entire thing is too long. It is longer than one of my fave eyebrow products, The Face Shop’s Designing my Brow Pencil.

I can’t seem to find the right way to hold it that I’d be comfortable applying it. After a couple of tries, I finally got the hang of using it.

I love the versatility of the product. It offers many ways of using it. You can use just 1 of the 3, a combo or all 3. What’s cool about it is, the colors of the pencil, the brow shadow and the mascara are different from each other giving you that chance to get a 3D brow effect which explains the name of the product.

The picture below would show you swatches of the 3. If you notice, the shadow is the lightest which for me is perfect for filling the gaps or sparsed areas of your brows. The mascara on the other hand, is the darkest of all 3. You need to be very careful in using this brow mascara because a little goes a long way.

I personally do not use it all the time because I’m still more comfortable with my Nichido Brow mascara. Using the 3 together right will give you fab looking brows. The color is just perfect for my skin and hair color. But like what I said, it may require you some practice and a few failed attempts before using this perfectly.

Are they true to their claims to fame?

Sweat proof  – 👎🏼

Water proof – 👎🏼

Long lasting – 👍🏼👍🏼

When using this, my brows don’t get oily but they are definitely not waterproof or sweat proof.

If used everyday, this pencil may last for a month or 2. This is one of the many Mistine products that I love but considering the accessibility of the brand, I may still stick with my The Face Shop Brow Pencil. If you want to give this a shot, it is available in ZaloraPH at P799.

Hope you find this helpful!

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