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ColourPop Ultra Matte Swatches + Reviews

Should I buy ColourPop Ultra Matte Lipsticks?

( Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored blog. Sponsored or purchased with my own money, my opinions are always honest regardless. Also, this is a detailed review, so if you prefer to watch a video than read a lengthy blog, click the link below:

ColourPop is a California-based company founded by Laura and John Nelson. They first launched a collection with around 30 eyeshadow shades for 5 dollars each, and the line has since grown to include eye and lip liners, cheek colors, bronzers, highlighters and of course their lipsticks.

I recently got ColourPop’s 4 new Ultra Matte Lipsticks added in my cart with no additional charge for checking out a minimum of $50 worth of products (don’t judge! It’s for my shop).

The entrepreneur in me wanted to sell it but I got a lot of messages from friends asking if it’s true that ColourPop lipsticks make your lips super dry. I have only tried their Lippie Stix in Aquarius which I bought because of Kathleen Lights. I had no personal experience to base my answers from and I have no intentions of telling a lie just to get people to buy. I was raised to value reputation more than money.

Anyways, to answer questions of my friends and/or clients, I thought of keeping my freebies and personally use them so I can write and film a full review on the 4 ultra matte lipsticks I got!

It’s amazing how each of the 4 shades is different from the others. It makes me feel like Colourpop was actually thinking of our different personalities when they were creating them.

The shades I got are :

Notion – a bold, deep, maroon-ish yet kinda plum-ish shade

Love Bug – rich terracotta shade, looks brownish with an orange undertone

Time Square  a pale, muted, Pink Beige shade

Viper – a dusty rose shade but looks light plum-ish on the lips


This thin and lightweight formula glides onto the lips leaving SUPER intense colour with a bold, ultra matte finish. It’s very long wearing and completely kiss proof


  • Product is stored in a typical ColourPop transparent, glass tube which is always a good packaging because you will be able to see the actual shade before you buy them. I did notice that the shade looks a little different on the lips compared to how it looks like in the tube. Viper, for example looked so Pink in the tube but definitely plum-ish when I applied it on my lips.
  • Each tube weighs 3.2 g / 0.11 oz and has a typical doe-foot applicator.
  • A minor thumbs down for me is the labels on the tube. I mixed it with other lipsticks inside a plastic container because I was going to haul them and then after a few days, I notice that the labels are gone. If you are a sucker for packaging, this tube may not wow you.

Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 10.59.36 PM.png


I wore each shade for at least 2 days to test if they are being truthful to us. This was my checklist when I out these lipsticks to a wear test:

  1. Thin?
  2. Lightweight?
  3. Intense color with a bold, matte finish
  4. long-wearing
  5. kiss-proof

All 4 shades are kiss-proof! Let’s knock that off our list. They can all be thin and lightweight if you only apply 1 layer. I did notice some inconsistencies on the colors and longevity so I would have to share my thoughts per shade.

Notion – formula is a bit drier than the others and a major let down for me is the unevenness of the color it left. It did give me that intense bold color but I swiped layer after layer but no luck! It was just uneven.


Love Bug is the driest of them all. I fell so in love with the color because it is a very pretty brown-ish shade with an orange undertone BUT it was too dry that it flaked off after around 2 hours. I did not eat or drink anything but it just flaked off. I did not experience this with the other shades.


Times Square – my new fave nude lipstick. I have always been scared of wearing nude lippies because of the fact that not all nudes compliment my skintone. I was sad after seeing the 1st layer but when it was completely dried, ugh! I just couldn’t stop thinking and talking about how pretty is. To me, it is the best nude lipstick!


It’s just so pretty!!!

Viper, my favorite of them all. I have been wearing this non-stop. screen-shot-2016-10-09-at-8-00-46-pm

It looks so pink in the tube and even in the swatch but after leaving it to dry on my lips, it gave me that gorgeous, plum-ish shade. This and Times Square are your perfect daily lipsticks.

Each lipstick cost $6 on their website but locally, they are sold from 400-499 a tube via online sellers.

Overall Thumbs Up:

  • Shades – intense, rich color perfect everyone
  • Cost – still less expensive than other brands
  • Longevity (except for Love Bug) – can survive a meal with a cup of coffee.
  • Kiss-proof
  • Lightweight

Tip: Apply 1 layer of colourpop so it won’t get dry, patchy and heavy.

Overall Thumbs Down:

  • Labels/Packaging – Nothing special and labels are easily scratched off
  • Love Bug and Notion – Formula can be improved to remove the dryness and unevenness.
  • Accessibility – No physical stores locally so all purchase must be made online. Tip: BeautyMNL has just added ColourPop in the list of brands they carry. I believe, they sell it for P500 per tube and offers free delivery if you reach P2000.

Overall, I am not disappointed with the results of my wear test(s). I am so deeply, madly in love with Times Square and Viper but will definitely not repurchase the other two.

Hope you guys find his blog helpful!

If yes, please give this a thumbs up, share your thoughts below or share it with your friends so they are also informed and subscribe to my blog if you haven’t already.

Have you tried this before? Did you get the same experience?

What other products do you want me to try for you?

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