SkinWhite Whitening Facial Cream Review 

I remember seeing Kim Chiu’s commercial of this product a few years ago (Don’t get me wrong, I like Kim) and I have always been skeptic about it that’s why I never bought it. Sample Room made me try it but I should have followed my guts. If you wanna know why, keep reading!

I got my 20g tube from Sample Room a few weeks back.

Details from Sample Room:

Good to use because it whitens, moisturizes in matte powder finish! Drop your makeup bag because this is all you need. One application and say hello to blush white skin with this cream that magically transforms into powder.

Comes in White, Rose white, Light Beige variants.

Best for skin type: Dry to normal

Product availability: Available in all leading stores nationwide

Full Size:  7g / 20g

PRICE:  PHP 22.80 / PHP 82.80

SAMPLE SIZE:  1 pc. 20g (full-sized)

I was checking out @sampleroom ‘s available samples section when I saw this and read some reviews which made it intriguing for me. Reviews were different – good and not so good results. So I added it in my cart.

The product is stored in a typical easy to squeeze tube. It contains 20g of product but the tube is so light weight and very convenient to bring.

The one I received was in light beige which I believe is the darkest shade (among 3 shades mentioned above) and it blends okay with my skin tone.

Smelling it was an interesting experience. LOL

It smelled waxy which is why I didn’t like it at first but then after a few seconds, it smelled like one of those floral baby powders. So weird!

This has a kind of moussy formula. The consistency is too thick to drip off your hands when you turn it upside down.

You can use a brush in applying this but my fave way to go is using my fingers to blend it more easily and quickly. It’s fascinating how it transforms into powder the moment you start blending it. So crazy how technology works!

If long wearing coverage us a must have for you, you can stop reading now because this isn’t gonna make you fall in love.

It did make my skin visibly fairer after just one application but I have a combination skin and I feel that its mattifying benefit is not for my skin type. My face especially my cheeks and undereye area felt even more dry and it emphasized my fine lines which is a deal-breaker for me. They say it works best for dry skin, but I doubt that people with dry skin would love this because of that effect. I mean, nobody wants to emphasize their fine lines, right?

Another deal breaker for me was, it made my forehead look like a crazy greasy hotdog and my usually matte cheeks got oily too. This is the only new product I was wearing that day. I tried it again the next day, just to be fair because it could have been caused by something else but after 2 hours, the same thing happened. So, I stopped using it.

Overall, I think it’s NOT BAD especially for its price. I think this would be perfect for ladies who have normal skin type – not too oily because you don’t wanna look like a greasy hotdog and not too dry too because it will emphasize your unwanted facial lines. It cannot conceal blemishes and does not offer much coverage which, in all fairness are not really part of their claims. It’s a good product for a quick everyday fresh look but still slip this  and your blotting paper into your bag for your touchups.

I’m just gonna be honest and throw it out there, I would not purchase it myself and may give this tube to a friend.

Have you tried this product before? Did it work for you?

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