Cocobody Virgin Coconut Face Balm Review

This blog features Cocobody Virgin Coconut Face Balm.

Pure and All Natural virgin coconut oil  starts to solidify below 25 Celsius especially in places in cool or winter temperatures. This is a very good indicator of the purity of the virgin coconut oil.

I remember a time, a few years back when virgin coconut oil invaded the stores – from hair products and cosmetics to skincare. Its incredible natural benefits have captured the hearts of many consumers. It was such a big hit!

Several weeks ago, we were looking for an all organic body balm for a friend’s mom. We were having a fun tour at Landmark and just when we were about to head to the counter, we saw Cocobody’s stall just a few steps away. We were checking out their products like body butter, bars, and many other things
and to our surprise, their products are cheaper than others.

We grabbed what we were looking for and I decided to take this home too. The all natural virgin coconut oil with its natural anti-oxidants promises to moisturize and condition the skin leaving it feeling soft, smooth and looking youthful.

Bold claims indeed but came with a budget friendly price tag, so why not?

The packaging was a little intriguing for me! It came with a 30 ml white jar with a cap that you need to twist to unlock and lock.

Nothing so special and gimmicky about the packaging; I must have seen it hundreds of times in the past. I did think that jars like this usually offer very little product so I thought of doing a little experiment. I opened the jar and using the body of a q-tip, I checked the amount of product that’s inside the jar; just to check how much product you can get out of your P139. Here is what happened:

You can get a pretty decent amount of product. I’d say it is more than what I expected which is absolutely a good thing.

How to  Use

Scoop out from the jar with your fingers, and apply very gently to your facial skin  and forehead (avoiding the eyes).

Can be used as a conditioner, during and after outdoor or sun exposure.

The formula is a bit waxy but not too sticky. You can smell the coconut scent but nothing too strong or bothering.

It is moisturizing and left my skin really soft indeed but I noticed that it made my face oily. I used it for a week and the effect was the same. I have combination skin and I feel that this would work perfectly for people with dry skin because of the intense moisture it offers.

Overall, it is a great product especially for its price. If used daily, this can last for 2-3 months depending on how often you use it. Too bad it just didn’t work perfectly with my skin type. I am determined to try their other products though. 😉

Their website currently says it’s sold out but you can grab this from Landmark. Sharing their site anyways:

Have you tried this product before? Did it work for you?

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I hope you find this blog helpful!

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