My pimple scars are disappearing!

Product Description: Tea tree and guava extracts as main ingredients to fight bacteria. Effective in getting rid of pimples. Green tea to help soothe inflamed skin and sensitive skin. Mulberry and papaya to brighten skin and fade dark spots. Witch hazel to control facial oil.


This is one of the first products I have received from Pure Skin Rituals a few weeks back.

The brand offers a variety of soap for brightening, moisturizing, acne problems, etc. This one caught my attention because:

  1. I love the simple yet very charming packaging;
  2. I was breaking out then and its claims gave me hope.


Their claims sounded familiar, something that you have read from many different soap bars in the market. As with like any other skincare products that I’ve tried, I was doubtful if it really does what it claims to do.

Keep reading to know if it is indeed the solution to my breakout problem!

This 135g bar retails at P150 ($3 USD).

I posted this picture on Instagram last 10/22. That was the 1st time I used this soap.


After using it once, my initial thoughts were:

> There was nothing special with the scent. I don’t really mind because if a soap can’t give me that outstanding scent, then I would rather have it unscented.

> I love that the size isn’t too small or too big to hold and rub around your body. It was just a perfect size (for me).

> I like that the elements on the soap doesn’t hurt my skin but gently scrubs it.

> I LOVE that it bubbles or foams like there is no tomorrow. LOL This is my fave type of soap. #foampamore

> I am so happy that it doesn’t leave a soap stain or a mess on the soap dish unlike other soap bars.

I kept using it and keenly observed it. I did include this in one of the vids I posted last week. The picture below is a comparison of the full and unused Pure Skin Rituals soap bar and the Spring Clean soap after I have used it for around 2-3 weeks.


Noticed that after 2-3 weeks, it looks like I have only consumed half of the bar. I don’t know what they do but other brands should get some pointers from them because this soap does not melt quickly at all. I waited until I used the entire bar before I drafted this blog just to be sure my thoughts are consistent. And it took me around 5-6 weeks to use it all. Not to mention, I usually shower twice a day and I use it for my entire body.

This picture was taken last 11/23:


Just look at how dense and packed the inside of the soap is. I was amazed to see it. After this photo was taken, I was still able to use it for around 2 weeks. Just outstanding! I can talk all day about this soap.

Final Thoughts?

> This has very subtle scent, close to unscented – if you are a sucker for scented soaps, I have a different soap from this brand that you may like. Stay tuned!

> This lasts FOREVER (LOL). A great value for money! Other soaps may be cheaper but if you think about it, you can use this soap for around 6 to 7 weeks (depends on usage) and you only pay 150 pesos.Very budget friendly!

> My friends have noticed that my dark pimple scars have brightened up. My breakouts caused me scars on my forehead and this absolutely brightened it. I can now even cover it with just a little concealer. Check out my YT videos to see the difference.

> This is perfect for acne prone and sensitive skin.I think it can work for all skin types.

> My breakouts are gone! After using this soap, I don’t get breakouts anymore, even when I have my monthly visits. I hope you’ll experience the same but keep in mind that results may vary.

Tip : I used this twice a day and I leave it on my face especially on the areas with pimple scars or dark spots for around 2-3 minutes before rinsing it. 

> Lastly, which is the most important to me is, they have the best customer service. Janni, the one I am constantly chatting with is by far the nicest seller ever. I feel like I am talking to a friend when I am chatting with her. You all know, I don’t sugarcoat things just because the products were given to me for I value credibility and integrity.  She appreciates that and she is very open for feedback.

Overall, this soap is my current favorite soap and I would definitely repurchase. I would give it a 10 thumbs up if I have 10 thumbs but I don’t. LOL

Definitely get your hands on this and tag me when you share your own experience. I know they partner with several stores so you can buy it from there and of course, you can order it online. So check out their IG for more details. Shipping fee applies; if you order more than P1000 worth of products, shipping fee is waived.

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I hope you find this blog helpful!

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful review! Now I am 100% sure na bibili na ko ng Pureskin rituals soap 👍
    I was hesitant before kasi baka hindi effective and baka mabilis din maubos hahah again thanks for sharing your thoughts! 😊


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