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Amuse Color Correcting Primers


A few weeks back, I got this package from @lippiechicks , an IG seller. The package contains these primers. So, I took a quick break from my fave NYX Angel Veil to give these babies a shot. Are these making me say goodbye to my fave primer? Read up to know my thoughts!

I tried googling the brand Amuse which is what I always do.  It is important for me to get to know the brand and the product before I use them. It was a little challenging to find details about the brand and the product. I did bump into which shows several products from the said brand. Still not so sure about the origin of the brand.

The primer is stored in squeezy tubes which I always love because you can squeeze every bit of product out. The tubes do not have any product descriptions on it but they do show the ingredients used (back) , which btw includes a few Parabens. If you are avoiding products with parabens then you can stop reading because these primers are not gonna be your bestfriend. The tubes also show decent but not very detailed claims – makeup base, oil free and healthy look. I got three different variants – Pale Balance, Anti Redness and Neutralizer. I am honestly not sure if these are the only available variants.

The tubes and the website I found do not brag about the product a lot but generally, neutralizers are for concealing imperfections and evenning out skin tones. Anti Redness, on the other hand helps control skin tones and blemishes and of course, reduces redness. Lastly, Pale Balance to my knowledge is for brightening up dull looking skin. It usually works for people with Yellow undertone. These are not specific claims of the product but are based from my general observations on the same kind of product/variants.

I have been using these primers for at least 2 weeks now. I use a different type each day so I had use each variant for at least 4 times. First of all, I love the colors of the primers. You rarely see colored primers so that was fascinating for me.

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 10.03.16 AM.png

The texture of all three variants is really soft and smooth – very similar to the texture of most lotions I have used.  It claims to be oil-free; they are not watery but not sticky. They feel a bit tacky the 1st 2 minutes after application but feels soft and non-sticky once it dries up.

I love applying my makeup right after I apply it because the tackiness works for me. I love how it makes it so much easier to blend and apply products on my face such as BB cream, foundation, concealers, etc. My fave way to use this is mix it with my foundation or bb cream then apply it.


These are not primers that will make your make up last all day and I don’t think they we’re made for that purpose. I didn’t notice any huge difference among the 3 variants. My face/skin honestly felt the same regardless which variant I use. But there is something about the formula of the Neutralizer one which made me like it more than Anti Redness and Pale balance. I really love how all three gives me a dewy look BUT it can cause you to oil up quicker. I found myself blotting more often when I was using these primers.

There is no crazy smell but it’s not the best smelling primer. A little goes a long way and that small 30-ml tube may last for at least 2 months.

If you have dry skin, this is definitely perfect for you. If you have oily or combination skin, this may not be your fave primer. You can still use it but prepare to blot 3 to 4 times in a 9-hour shift. If you are all about dewyness, then this is worth the shot!

This retails for only P200 each which is totally not bad for a 30 ml tube. I’ll put the seller’s details below:


You can viber or iMessage them at 639064100803 .

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