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Mumuso Makeup Sponges Review

#DeeBlogs : Mumuso PH Makeup Sponge – Is it a Bad Buy or the Real Deal?

I never find it necessary to wear foundation, bb cream or anything for coverage on a daily basis. Not because I have the perfect, even-toned, no blemishes skin – trust me! I am faaaaaaaar from that. I am pretty okay with my bare face with all my visible veins plus I usually feel lazy to do it. It still is very true until this very moment. LOL

I never knew about these sponges during my pre-makeup addiction stage. Today, that all I see in the corners of my small studio type apartment is makeup, I found myself owning makeup sponges from different brands and in different shapes.

Makeup sponge is a huge hit in the beauty world. Who would have thought that such a tiny thing would make the ladies go crazy? It is primarily used for blending, highlighting and contouring. Most gurus say that these are best used for applying concealers, BB/CC creams, liquid and cream foundation but can be used for applying other makeup.

A lot of people love using it because of the airbrush-like, even and flawless finish it offers. I personally like how it helps remove excess makeup that would have been laying on my face and giving me a cakey or pancakey looking face if not blended well .

Mumuso PH recently opened up a branch at Greenbelt 1 which is very near my workplace. So I dropped by more than a week ago and picked up this very cute set of sponges from that branch. The label on the front packaging says Professional Cosmetic Powder Puffs while the sticker at the back shows Professional Beauty Puff Pack (Water + Gourd). If you wanna be very particular, it would have been better if the labels are consistent. Personally, I didn’t mind. I’m throwing the packaging anyways.


This cost P99 and comes in 3 sponges – 1 in a classic egg-like, beauty blender-ish shape, the other two are kind of like women gourd or pear-shaped (one is smaller than the other) .

FullSizeRender 3

I bought this because they are the cutest thing ever. I felt guilty putting it back on the shelf so I took it again and made my way to the counter. By the way, that time they only accept cash but did say that cashless payments will be available soon. You may want to make sure you have cash in your wallets, just in case.

Again, this cost P99 for 3 sponges so that’s P33 each.

FullSizeRender 2

I gave each of them a shot (shots haha) to see if it performs as pretty as it looks.


The moment I took them out of the package, I knew they weren’t gonna be the softest sponges. They were pretty hard and too dense for my liking. But it was too early to judge.

Like what I did with my other sponges, I washed them twice before using them. It usually makes the sponges softer after two washes. These ones took about 4 or 5 washes to feel a little bit softer. The biggest disappointment for me is they don’t expand at all.

Take a look at how the size of the sponge compares to the size of adaptor.

I washed it 4 times just to see if it will ever expand after a certain # of tries but it never did.

Ease of application?

I used the classic egg-shaped sponge more often than the other two and I think I have washed it about 5 or 6 times already. It did get a little bit softer but still not as soft as I want my sponges to be. I find that it takes me longer to finish applying my bb cream when using this because they are a bit smaller (because they don’t expand) than what I’m used to.

Price point?  

Nothing to complain about. The set is absolutely inexpensive.


These definitely look better than it performs. If you have been using sponges, then these will disappoint you. If you are a newbie and just would like to try a makeup sponge, this may not be a bad buy!

Overall, these are total eye candies but I’m gonna be very honest as always, this is not my favorite. I don’t think it will ever be.

This is not something I would recommend. If you have a hundred pesos in your wallets and planning to buy this, I would suggest you keep it in your wallets for now and save up for the AOA sponges. A lot of Instagram stores sell it for around P150 to 200. I know @lippiechicks is one of the stores that sell it and I think she sells it for P150. AOA sponges are way softer and easier to use. If you can afford the Beauty Blender or the Real Techniques Miracle sponge then that is even better because they are unquestionably the real deal.

This is not sponsored by AOA or Lippiechecks but I thought of sharing those because that’s what I am here for – try out some products and share my thoughts on them – what worked, what didn’t work and what are better options so you wouldn’t need to waste your money on things you shouldn’t buy. Then again, I am here to guide. If you really want to try the products I say are bad buys, don’t let me stop you. Try it for yourself and if your opinion is different than mine, leave us a comment below so other members of our blogfam can read them. It may work for them as well.

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Do you have any product you want me to try and review for you? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

And if you have reached this section, comment down below your fave makeup sponge or the ones you’d like to try. 🙂

Thanks Dolls! Until the next blog!

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4 thoughts on “Mumuso Makeup Sponges Review

  1. I like reading reviews for inexpensive makeup and makeup tools coz I’m a stat at home mom and doean’t have a big budget foe thia kind of stuff. It’s good to know about products that will work and it’s cheap. I’ve seen this few days ago sa Mumuso it’s now selling for ₱100+ na. The one I’m looking for is from Miniso the mint green sponge which is sold out in almost all of their outlets. I’v seen on YT reviews about it,hope you could try it too and share your opinion.


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