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10 Lip Colors to try this Fall

Warm Suedes, Rich Chocolate Browns and Deep Burgundies are everywhere again. It’s that time of the year when the leaves change colors and the ladies have the perfect excuse to splurge in the makeup section.

In this blog, I will be sharing MY 10 must try lip colors for fall 2017. I wanna point out the word MY because this is my own list which means you may not like one or two colors or my entire list and that is okay. If you like/love the products mentioned, AWESOME. If you don’t, I will respect that with all of my heart. 😉



So, shall we?

Pink Sugar’s Sugar Tint in the shade Vampy Vixen (P349)


The first con for this product is, it is only available in the Philippines (for now at least). If you are not from the Philippines, I am so sorry to be breaking your heart this early in the blog. This is one of my favorite colors from the brand. It’s a matte, deep Red lipstick that is perfect for fall.

Pink Sugar in Vampy Vixen

I know fall is not something that we have in the Philippines but hey, that’s kind of a good thing because you can wear this color all year round. This dries completely matte but doesn’t dry your lips. This lasts a decent amount of time but I don’t recommend this to people with dry lips because it can get very patchy. I have 3 other favorite shades from the brand but let’s talk about that some other season! 😉




Wander Beauty Wanderout Lipstick in Wanderberry ($30 – dual ended)


I got mine in the Play by Sephora bag for September and I am grateful I did. This lipstick is a beautiful Burgundy shade. Color payoff is amazing! It has a matte finish and feels so moisturizing. This isn’t the most long wearing lipstick but it can last for about 3 hours. I just hope that the brand releases these lipsticks in individual packaging so you won’t need to pay $30 for 2 shades.


That way, you can pick your preferred colors. Anyway, the color I got is stunning and complements my skintone.



Too Faced Melted Matte in Lady Balls ($21 / P1272)


This is my first lip product from Too Faced and I am sure won’t be the last. This is surprisingly light weight and lasts all day. The pigmentation is incredible! One swipe and you are good to go! It also is super easy to apply. I really enjoyed this lipstick. This fiery, Red lipstick is all you need to make a statement this fall.


Dose of Colors in Hot Fire ($18)

IMG_1635I have to admit, I only bought this because I love Desi Perkins. I’m sure some of you are thinking that this is more like a Summer or a Spring shade but I was thinking about the times that everyone around us is doing or using the same thing and you just wanna be different. So, this fall, if you’re in the mood to stand out from a crowd of deep Reds and Plums, this color will be perfect to do just that! This is a vibrant Red-Orange lipstick that is crazy stunning! It is a bit too bright than I expected but still, the color of this lipstick is to die for! I strongly recommend you exfoliate before using this because if you don’t, this can feel drying on the lips. I have only played with this lipstick for a few days so will use it some more and share more about my thoughts on this real soon.

ColourPop Ultra Satin in Darling ($6 / P400-P500)


Plums or Purples flatter just about any skin tone and also happen to make your teeth appear whiter. One of the three lip products I got from the ColourPop x Karrueche lip bundle is this very pretty plum liquid lipstick. It has a satin matte finish which leaves your lips feeling and looking so moisturized.

If you love purples and plums or if you wanna try them but don’t wanna go too bold just yet, this one is something worth your shot. Colourpop never fails to impress me with the products they launch – may it be for a collab or from the brand alone. I would recommend Colourpop any given day.

EB Advance LTD Liquid lipstick in Jet Setter (P185)


There are gazillions of online sellers that make it so much easier to get your hands on Colourpop products but if you are looking for a good dupe for Colourpop’s Darling, Ever Bilena’s Jet Setter is the closest and most inexpensive alternative among all the lipsticks I have ever used.




This specific shade is very dear to my heart and I would repurchase it over and over again. It has a matte finish that’s super comfy on the lips. Definitely, one of the bests from Ever Bilena!




Fashion 21 Cosmetics All Day Matte in Mulberry (P175)

Another fave plum! This one’s just a little deeper than the others. I’ve swatched a few shades from the selection and I know that everyone has been raving about the shade Sushi but this, by far is my favorite shade. It is just too sexy and daring and a little mysterious in my opinion. And that’s just perfect for this season.



LOL Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in Aristocrat (P199)IMG_0045.JPG

I posted a swatch and review of the LOL Cosmetics lipsticks I own and if you have read that, you should know that this shade was and is still my fave from the collection – formula wise, shade and longevity. Not a shade I would grab everyday but one of the bests from the brand. Wasn’t so crazy about the other shades because they can get really patchy and dry. This lip color is not shy at all! This screams, “Look at me!” Such a pretty purple lipstick that I think will look stunning on any skintone.


Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink in Escapist ($7.99 at Target)IMG_4403.JPG

Super in love with this lipstick! The shade is a bit darker than I expected. It looks more plum-ish on photos but it looks maroon-ish, almost black on my lips. I think the color can look really pretty on any skintone but it takes a lotta confidence to pull this gorgeous shade off. Maybelline wasn’t kidding when they said this is long wearing. It lasts a really long time but I personally have not tested the whole 16 hours claim. I never really needed to wear my lipstick for that long but let me know if you want me to test that for you. I found my lips sticking together almost the entire time I was wearing it. But what I am so amazed with is, it doesn’t transfer on my coffee cup! Yassss! That’s a biggie for me because I drink a lot of coffee but I hate seeing lipstick marks on my cup. haha The first few tries can be tricky! My personal tip would be, let it dry on its own and while it dries, do not stick your lips together. I just feel that I get richer color payoff if I do that. It looked a little patchy when I stick my lips together and I had to apply another layer to get better payoff. I hope that helps! Overall, this is such a great purchase!


NYX Lingerie in Teddy ($6.99 / P490)

If Reds and Plums aren’t your thing, allow me to recommend a rich brown lipstick that you may love. Step out of the typical nudes zone and try something a little different. This lingerie baby is a really pretty Brown lipstick with a Gray undertone. This is one of my fave colors from the said collection. Not a huge fan of the lighter shades because they don’t flatter me at all and the darker colors from the collection can get really patchy which I don’t like. This color is just perfect for me! I do wanna say that this feels a little sticky on the lips which is weird because it dries out completely matte. If you have dry lips, this may not be best for you. This emphasizes dry patches and the lines of your lips. I am just really in love with the color!



That wraps up our list! The order they are mentioned is completely random. I love all these lipsticks for specific reasons. And I truly hope you takeaway a tip or two from this blog.

If your fall HG is not on the list, please share them in the comment section so I can check it out and maybe rock it one of these days.



Thanks for dropping by my page and I’ll chat with you again in the next one!

Let me know if there is anything else you want me to share from my experience that I forgot to mention here. Just leave me a comment below and I will make sure to reply asap. Feel free to do the same if you have products you want me to try for you.

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3 thoughts on “10 Lip Colors to try this Fall

  1. I’m more of a Nude Browns or Mauve type of person when it comes to lipsticks. I have few darker shades but I don’t know if it falls on as a FALL lipstick. Like you said wala naman fall, spring etc. dito sa Pinas, kung anung bet mo GO! Anyways, among your fave lippies I like the Pink Sugar’s Sugar Tint and EB LTD. But the rest looks good on your skintone.



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