First, SKINCARE! · Sunday is Sample Day!

I really did not expect this kit to work as much as it did!

IMG_4411This Sunday Sample Day’s star is OLEHENRIKSEN’s Power Peel Transforming Facial System.

I really did not expect this kit to work as much as it did!

To be 100% honest, a part of me didn’t want to love it. Primarily because I am very aware of the brand’s price tags. 


Here’s a link to Sephora to get to know the product more:


I got this sample from Sephora Northpark. I probably should stop mentioning that since that’s kind of a given. Anyways, this is a 3-step sample kit. The 1st step is the Almond Polish Facial Scrub, then, the Instant Transformation™ Lemon Facial Peel, and Chamomile Comfort Mask. This trio claims to make your complexion appears smoother and more radiant after just one use.



I made sure to read about what needs to be done and what the possible results are. Fortunately, all the details you need to know about the kit including the application process can be found on the packaging. The step #s on the packaging made it so much easier to use.

I started with the complexion scrub which feels absolutely fantastic btw. The beads are not extremely gentle that you won’t feel it on your skin anymore but it’s also not a painful scrub. This scrub will give your skin a good clean. My skin felt so clean and tight and fresh.

Step 2 is the Lemon Facial Peel. Warning! This will sting a little bit. It’s an acid peel so I kind of expected that. They do set expectations about that on the packaging as well. Don’t get me wrong, it was not painful but it did give me a tingling sensation for a few seconds. It may feel a little uncomfortable to some but you’ll be fine.


Step 3 which I think is my fave, is the Chamomile Comfort Mask . For a second, it took me back to my fave massage place. It smelled so relaxing, so soothing. I can imagine it to be perfect after an exhausting day at work.



Is the sample enough to make me love the product?

Big YES! I squeezed it all out because I wanna see how much you can get in the sample pack so I was only able to use this kit once. Quite frankly, this could be good for 1-2 uses. Nevertheless, the results are immediate. 

Would I purchase the full size?

I am leaning towards YES but I still wanna think about it and double check my budget. Have I already mentioned this cost 50 bucks? If not, then, yeah! It’s $50! Let’s face it! It is pretty pricey. (especially if you are unemployed like me. 😐 )

Obviously, I can’t talk about long term effects since I only used a sample but I will say that, after using this sample kit, my skin instantly looked and felt amazing. Here are some selfies I took a few minutes after I washed my face. 

My skin looked so radiant right after washing my face. It looked so radiant and healthy and fresh. I tested this out the day before Thanksgiving and I was so happy about its result that I chose not to wear any foundation or concealer on Thanksgiving! I felt so confident wearing my own skin.

This could really feel like giving yourself a little pampering at home. This is better than a 50-dollar facial treatment from your fave spa! Yes, you need to do it on your own but I am telling you, it is worth it.

If you are in the lookout for a skincare kit that will add radiance to your skin and you have $50 to spend on it, I super duper kaduper recommend you get this. I have a strong feeling that if you keep using this, you can achieve that radiant, flawless looking skin.

I have read that it also tightens pores and lighten dark pimple marks. Large pores was never my biggest skin concern so I don’t have a lot to say about that but I do have some dark pimple marks. So, if those are all true, that would be truly awesome!

Feel free to share your own experience with this kit. If you decide to give this a shot after reading my blog, keep me posted by leaving a comment below.

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