It's a Hair Thing! · Sunday is Sample Day!

Best thing that ever happened to my hair since the day it DYED!

Sunday Sample Day features Ouai Repair Shampoo and Conditioner.

I have dry, thin, damaged hair and this is literally the best thing that ever happened to my hair!

Ouai was just a brand I couldn’t say properly most of the time. It was also one of the brands that I never thought I’d be able to use. Primarily because it was not very accessible in the Philippines. Secondly, I didn’t think I’d want to spend 20 something dollars for a shampoo or a conditioner.

I got this sample from Sephora and thank God for that. This is literally one of the best, if not the best shampoo and conditioner I have ever tried. I wish I have gotten more samples of this combo. LOL

The shampoo’s regular price is $28 and you get 10 oz. worth of products while the conditioner cost $26 for an 8.45 – ounce bottle. Considering that it is displayed on the high end shelves, the prices are actually not bad. This is one of the brands that a lot of people – from haircare enthusiasts to professional hairstylists. So, I can totally say that these two are worth the splurge.

Here are some links to know more about the products:

Shampoo –

Conditioner –


I was extremely excited to use these products. I have been following, more like stalking Jen Atkin on YouTube; using her products was just a dream come true. I know it may sound crazy and shallow to some but whatever.

Anyways, love the elegance of the packaging. It is simple but doesn’t look cheap at all. Not all brands pay much attention to the packagings of their samples but this Ouai sample I received is one of the most beautifully packaged samples I have ever used. I think the design is well thought of. I didn’t have a difficult time opening the packaging and pushing the products out.

This is how the shampoo and conditioner look.

Nothing crazy special about it. You’ll get a clear shampoo and the conditioner looks like any other conditioners. 

I do wanna mention that the scent of the shampoo is a little strong for my liking but the scent doesn’t stick around for a long time so it’s not really a deal breaker. I did smell it the entire time I was shampooing but it gradually disappeared as it was drying. If you loooove shampoos that have amaaaaaaazing scents that last all day, this is not the best in town. It’s not a horrible scent but it’s not a scent that you’d go crazy about! The conditioner, on the other hand, smells great! Definitely, way better than the shampoo’s scent.

Right when I rinsed off the conditioner, I immediately felt how soft my hair was. My hair usually feels dry after I shower and it has been that way since the day I dyed my hair. It was amazing!

I let my hair dry on its own just so I can see how the combo performs. I was shookt! This is how my hair looked that day. I did not blow dry it. I did not straighten it at all yet it looked amazing.

My hair was so soft, so shiny, so straight and it looked and feel so healthy! Unbelievable! I was beyond impressed!


If I have all the money in the world right now, buying all Ouai products would be the 1st thing I would do. But, I don’t! So, for now, I will keep adding these goodies in my Sephora wish list and buy them one at a time, maybe two at a time, or three. 😉

Kidding aside, this shampoo and conditioner is the best I have ever tried from Sephora (haircare). If you have thin, dry, damaged hair and you need some miracles on your hair, I totally recommend you guys give this a big shot. I love this combo a lot and I would definitely purchase the full sizes. I am 1000% amazed after my 1st use. Can you imagine how crazy I would sound in this blog if I used the full sizes?

Thank you so much for reading this blog. Let me know in the comment section below what your favorite Ouai products are so I can give it a shot too!

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