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Klorane Leave In Cream : Hot or Not?

Sunday Sample Day features Klorane Leave In Cream with Mango Butter.

Many years back, I told myself I will never use leave in creams again! The ones I used in the past gave me headaches which is why I stopped using them. I still can’t clearly explain why they gave me headaches but I can only assume that it’s because of the strong ingredients they were made from.

img_4971I got this leave in cream sample from Sephora and after reading the product deets, I was convinced to give this leave in cream a try.

This is the 1st Klorane product I am trying so I took a quick look at the brand’s reputation first. Doing a quick research before you put the product on your skin or hair is something I always strongly recommend.

One of the reasons why I decided to give this a shot is their impressive record. They have been making history since their launch way back 1965 in the southwest of France. Yes, it is a French brand!

One of their most raved about collection is their “Mango” collection. I am honestly not sure about the collection’s name but it’s the collection that has mangoes in it. 😉 img_4972

The word Mango in the ingredients list caught my attention. I came from a tropical country so I always get so excited over mangoes. I can eat mangoes all day. I can have mango shakes all day everyday. But, mango on my hair? Now, that’s interesting! And something I haven’t particularly thought of trying.

“Klorane’s mangos are harvested in India, by hand before they are fully ripe when active substances are at their peak concentration. Once the kernel has been removed from its protective shell, it is sun-dried, then cold-pressed to preserve the highly nutritious quality of the soft mango butter.”


A moisture-locking and protective leave-in that mends split-ends and seals in hydration.

I am sure I have already established in my previous blogs that I have thin, straight hair and it tends to get dry and brittle. I use hot tools for straightening or curling my hair almost everyday, or at least 3 times a week which make my ends look and feel dry and damaged. Not to mention I dye my hair at least thrice a year.


First of all, this sample size is good for 7 uses (at least for me). Here’s a quick selfie to show you the length of my hair. Hopefully that will give you a good reference.

The first time I used this was totally unplanned. I just saw it in my bag and I thought of trying it out that day. I used this with my Ouai shampoo and conditioner sample. I later regret that decision! Don’t get me wrong! My hair looked and felt AMAZING that day BUT it was a little difficult to observe the performance of each product from both brands because I was trying them for the 1st time. So, I wasn’t completely sure if my hair was awesome because of the Ouai combo or if it was because I added Klorane’s leave in cream in the mix. Fortunately, I have another sample pack of the shampoo and conditioner so I just had to try it again on its own so I can complete a more credible review on it (see previous blog for the review). All I am trying to say is, it worked absolutely amazing with Ouai’s Repair Shampoo and Conditioner.

A few days later, I used this leave in cream with my regular haircare routine. I used the shampoo and conditioner that I have been using for months now and then, applied a generous amount of this cream on my damp hair.

My hair felt so soft but I may have put a little too much because my hair got so greasy. It didn’t feel heavy but my hair looked dirty, sticky and oily.

The 3rd time I used it, I decreased the amount of product I applied. I was hoping this will stop my hair from oiling up big time. It wasn’t as greasy but it still did.

I used it again and I finally realized what I was doing wrong! It was oiling up because I was applying too much on my roots. The 4th time I used it, I just applied it on the ends of my hair and my hair was crazy amazing!

It looked and felt so soft and healthy and definitely not greasy. It gave my hair a really nice shine but didn’t weigh my hair down. It wasn’t flat and it smelled great.


Testing this product out was a very interesting journey. I loved it the 1st day but hated it the 2nd day. It was a crazy ride!

I did learn a few things that I wish to share with you if you don’t mind.

First of all, IT CAN GET GREASY! So, don’t get over excited on the amount you’re applying and keep it off your roots. They don’t need it unless you have extremely dry roots.

Second, this smells amazing! And it lasts forever. It has a certain sweetness to the scent that I like but I know that not everyone loves that so I thought that’s worth mentioning.

Third, using this is not rocket science. You just apply it on your damp hair before you blow dry your hair, or let your hair dry naturally. Determining the right amount of product to use may take a few tries to perfect but once you get the hang of it, you are gonna be grateful for the existence of this product.

Just keep in mind that a little goes a long way. While $18 is seriously no bargain, we all know it is significantly less pricey than other similar products. So, don’t feel bad about spending for the full size because it may take a year before you need a new tube.

Lastly, I’ve noticed that when I apply this a few minutes before I blow dry my hair, it cuts my blow dry time. Perfect for people like me who hates blow drying hair. Try it for yourself and let me know in the comment section if you feel the same way.

Is the sample enough to make me love the product?

YES! I think it’s a pretty generous sample size. Like what I mentioned, this lasted for 7 uses. And do not forget, I put a lot the first few times I used it.

Would I purchase the full size?

YES! It really brought back the moisture to my severely damaged hair without it looking flat and lifeless. Oh! Did I mention, I rarely see split ends now and my ends are not as frizzy and dry anymore? If not, then yeah. My ends are not as horrible as they used to.

I strongly recommend this to those of you who are struggling with split ends and dry, damaged hair. This may just be the magic you’ve always wanted for your hair.

Feel free to share your own experience with this bad boy. If you decide to give this a shot after reading my blog, keep me posted by leaving a comment below.

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