It's a Hair Thing! · Sunday is Sample Day!

Amika, I wasn’t WOWed!

Sunday Sample Day features Amika Nourishing Mask. 

img_5429If I were a school teacher and Amika is ny student, I’d give their Nourishing Mask the passing score! Just the passing score. Keep reading to know why. 

This is the last haircare sample I am trying before the year ends. If you haven’t read the previous four, I will link them all below.

Anyways, I got this sample from Sephora NorthPark in Dallas. It didn’t take long for me to notice this sample because the packaging is so colorful and fun. The colors and the design really stood out. I thought the packaging is pretty cool and so, I was really hoping to love this product.

Opening this sample was like unwrapping my favorite candy. It smelled delicious! The scent was just incredible!


There was nothing special or unique about the consistency. It actually reminded me of conditioners I’ve used in the past.


The sample has 20 mL or 0.7 fl. oz. worth of product. Quite frankly, you don’t get a lot of product in it which is understandable because it is a sample size.


img_5430They did say that you can use this as a weekly treatment or as an everyday conditioner but regardless of your decision, all you need is just leave this on for 2-3 minutes and just rinse it off.

I only have one sample pack so I planned to use it for as many times as I can. I started applying half of the pack on my hair but I felt the need to apply more. I ended up using the entire sample pack. I left it for about 10 minutes because I have chemically treated hair. I thought the product could use a few more minutes to really get in there and nourish my hair. The brand also shares their suggested application process if you have bleached or over processed hair on their website. You may click on this link to read more about it :

Anyways, rinsing it off was really easy. It’s as easy as washing off your everyday conditioner.

I noticed that my hair felt soft and detangled after washing it. It was so easy to comb. I let my hair dry naturally that day and this is how my hair looked.

Excuse the messy bathroom in the background. No one else was there to take a photo of my hair. Also, please know that I don’t blame this product for my unnecessary and unwanted hair waves. I started seeing these waves since I started dyeing my hair.

My strands felt nice and smooth. My roots looked shiny and but my ends are just okay. They don’t look super hydrated or healthy but they don’t look dead as well. If you have extremely dry or damaged hair due to bleaching, you may need a different mask that has a little more punch that would really bring back the moisture to your hair.

These photos were taken the day after I used this mask. I was really glad that my hair still looked fresh and totally not greasy.


It’s one of those moments that I catch myself staring at my screen and thinking of things I love and hate about the product I just tried out. What’s funny is, I can’t think of anything bad to say about this mask but I also can’t remember anything special that I loved about it.

They do claim to give your hair long-lasting softness, shine, elasticity and manageability so I guess, it did what it was supposed to do. I just feel like it didn’t do anything that my everyday conditioner can’t do.

If money is a concern, its price tag may be a deal-breaker. I believe this comes in three different sizes. The biggest tub has 500 mL worth of mask and cost 40 bucks while their 250 mL tub is priced at $28. If you don’t wanna splurge just yet, you can pay $10 and get a mini tube of this mask.  


It was a decent amount for a sample but I don’t think it’s enough to love the product and be convinced to buy the full size.


I don’t see myself investing on the full size anytime soon. I am happy with my everyday conditioner and there are other hair masks that I truly love and would rather invest on.


Not going to be my #1 recommendation but sure! Again, I was not WOWed but I don’t hate it to actually not recommend it.
This wraps up this month’s and this year’s Sunday Sample Day. I hope you enjoyed reading my experiences with different samples as much as I enjoyed testing them out and writing my thoughts down.

Have you tried this product? What score would you give this mask? Feel free to share your experience below.

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Thank you so much for joining me in this journey.  I will chat with you all next year!

Happy Holidays Dolls!

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