Waxy Time! Let's burn some CANDLES.

Five Fave Bath & Body Works Candles 2017

Heads up! We’re burning candles today.


I have had a few questions about my favorite candles and quite frankly, I had a lot in mind. It’s ridiculous! But I don’t want you to spend an eternity reading this blog. I mean, who has time for that. I don’t even have an eternity to write them all. Gosh! I talk a lot! Anyways, allow me to recommend my five favorites from the brand Bath & Body Works.

There are 3 things I consider before I buy candles :

First, they HAVE to look pretty! Every home deserves an extra pizzazz to make it more beautiful and homier than it already is. I’m sure you wouldn’t wanna display candles with unpleasant packaging, would you?

Of course, they NEED to smell amazing! I usually go for sweet scents aka anything that has vanilla in it but I also love relaxing, intoxicating, addicting candle scents that I can just sniff all day.  I know! I have issues.

Lastly, they CAN’T break the bank. I mean, THEY CAN’T! Let’s be honest, who really has the budget for fifty-dollar candles? I’m all for luxury but hey, we have bills to pay.


All of the candles below met those criteria for judging that’s why they are in my collection. Honestly, these five are very near and dear to my heart. So, let’s talk about the list, shall we?

FOCUS (Aromatherapy collection)


If I can only keep 1 candle in this lifetime (but this is too much to ask so this is a big IF , okay?) , it would be this one.It was a shocker for me because this isn’t a sweet scented candle but I asked myself which one I always light and it has to be this one. I mean, this is already our 2nd jar! 

I just love the combination of Eucalyptus and Tea extracts. It’s so dang relaxing! If you always have long days at work, this is something you need to go home to. While there are a lot of ways to relax after a long, stretchful (aka stressful, just sounds a little less nega so I like to use it) day, not everyone has the time and energy to prepare a rejuvenating hot tub experience and not everyone can afford a daily massage. AND is that even good for your body? Something tells me NO! 

Look! Everyone has a stretchful day now and then. I’m sure there are studies somewhere that will prove that certain scents can help us relax and I think this candle’s scent is one of those.

If I’m stretched, I stand in front of this candle (close enough to smell it but far enough not to burn my hair). Then, I close my eyes and give this a good sniff. It never fails to calm me down. Amazing how a little thing can have that big of an effect on the human body.

Now, that’s a good, budget-friendly tip for relaxation if you are like me who can’t afford a fifty-dollar massage.



My 2nd favorite of them all! I live by this everyday. I am usually very friendly and stellar but don’t talk to me if I haven’t had my coffee yet. I may not say the most pleasant words.

This scent was love at 1st sniff! I smelled it at a BBW store here in Dallas and the next thing I knew, I was paying for the 1st candle I ever purchased from the brand. It has the strongest, most delicious, coffee scent I have ever smelled. I light this every morning and I love smelling it all over our apartment. My breakfast is just not complete without this coffee!

I am actually running low on this candle so I am currently switching it up with another favorite which is up next. I did go to a BBW store to repurchase but the branch that I went to didn’t have that anymore. I am not sure if they just ran out of stocks or if it’s gone for good (Oh God Noooo!). I will ask when I visit again and update you all. Anyways, there is absolutely nothing flashy about the packaging but don’t be deceived! This candle means business! Trust me! You need this!

COZY – Warm Cup of Cocoa

If I am not drinking my coffee, that’s most likely because I am enjoying some hot chocolate. It’s basically the same thing with my breakfast candles; if I am not lighting my But First! Coffee candle, it’s because I want me some warm cup of Cocoa. This is one of my go to scents on days I need that extra comfort like when I feel homesick.

This has a delicious, chocolatey scent that’s perfect for winter or for every morning or afternoon. Basically, any time of the day. The scent is not overwhelming. It’s just the perfect sweetness that will make you wanna go back to bed and stay there the entire day. Perfect for lazy Sundays or lazy everydays.


img_8013This has gotta be our fave candle last Christmas season. We bought this a few weeks before Christmas and honestly, I almost didn’t buy this because there were a whole lot of winter candles but thank heavens that we decided to get this one.

Even upon cold sniff, this will give you authentic chills. Its fresh, pine and very subtle citrus scent will take you to a quick evening stroll in the forest. I am not obsessed with the packaging. It’s definitely not my fave design from the brand but it’s pretty enough to put on display. But seriously, this was an instant favorite. THE SCENT IS JUST SPOT ON! It’s just the most perfect blend!




img_8006Let’s continue our dreamy stroll in the forest! The last but certainly not the least in this list is BBW Fresh Balsam.

Quick story! One thing you may not know about me is, I hate camping! But, I love the whole idea. I love the bonfire, the s’mores and of course, the fresh smell of trees but I just can’t do camping anymore. I’m too paranoid to be sleeping in a tent in the middle of nowhere.

Anyways, my whole point is, this candle makes me feel like a little girl camping out in a forest. Everytime I light this candle, I smell fresh pine trees. I imagine the cold wind on my face, the starry night and the song “It’s a Wonderful World” in the background. It’s hypnotic!

Without a doubt, this and Pomelo & Pine are the best pine candles I have ever smelled! Hands down!

So, those are my current favorite candles from Bath & Body Works. I hope you don’t mind me focusing on my experience with these scents. I didn’t wanna dwell too much on the packaging because we all know that BBW has beautiful packagings. Their candle toppers are also really pretty ; some are very minimalist but still pretty while others are 100% elegant. I truly have never seen cheap or ugly designs from them.

Each of these candles cost $24. 50 but they are usually on sale for half off or 10 bucks each. You can also wait for their annual candle sale sometime in November. I think half of my collection are purchased from that sale because each candle only cost $8.95 (plus tax of course) that day. I am not mad about the price. I think their regular price is a good price for the quality of their candles. I just personally love to buy them when they’re on sale. LOL

Well, I am wrapping up this blog at exactly 3:33 in the afternoon. Hmmm… It’s a little too early for a glass of Red wine. I guess, I can have a cup of my warm cocoa.

…And I honestly don’t know how to end this anymore. So yeah!

Have a scent-sational weekend everyone! Mic drop!
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Thank you!


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