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Green Juice For Your Face!

Disclaimer: The products I’m reviewing are complimentary items from Influenster but my thoughts on the products are 100% based on my personal experience. 

I can’t even recall the day I first heard of Elemis! It’s a brand I was not very familiar with because I don’t think it’s available in the Philippines. I am quite sure that this brand is pretty popular in the UK. US consumers are now starting to add Elemis products in their skincare kits.

I literally just added this brand in my “To Try” list when I received this package from Influenster. I was ecstatic when I saw the box because I knew what’s inside. I had just liked an Instagram post of Influenster featuring this Elemis box. The InfluensterXElemis box contained two items – the Elemis Superfood Facial Wash and Day Cream.

I just started using a facial wash from a different brand that I wanted to post a review on but I was super excited to try these Elemis products so I decided to resched my blog post on that facial wash and start using this Elemis skincare duo.

It’s been over a week since I started using this facial wash and day cream. Usually, I observe the performance of a product for two weeks before I draft my review but I don’t think I need two weeks to know how I feel about these two.


ELEMIS Superfood Facial Wash – $25 / 150 mL

ELEMIS Superfood Facial Wash

ELEMIS Superfood Facial Wash via Influenster website

ELEMIS Superfood Day Cream – $45 / 50 mL

ELEMIS Superfood Day Cream

ELEMIS Superfood Day Cream via Influenster website

Now, for all you visuals out there, here are some photos showing how my face looked from Day 1 to a few minutes before I draft and publish this review. Yes, I am drafting and publishing this today, February 22, 2018.

Before I get to my verdict, let’s talk about a few items. 


I think both products are pleasantly packaged. Love that the color represents the Superfood collection. The squeezy tube and the flip top cap for the facial wash is a winning combo for me. It just makes it so easy to use!

Love that the moisturizer has a pump. I hate dipping my fingers in tub moisturizers. I think pumps are more hygienic. The pump dispenses just the right amount of product which I love a lot. Two things I didn’t really love about the packaging of the moisturizer:

  1. Hate the pump cover! You need to take off that tiny, white cover to dispense the product. I don’t understand why they had to do it this way but it would have been better if they lift the pump up and add a decent cap. I have a strong feeling that this tiny cap is not gonna stick around very long. For sure, I will lose it one of these days and I’d hate that because I prefer covered dispensers. This just doesn’t make sense to me!
  2. I wish there is something on the packaging that can tell me when I’m running low on the moisturizer.  I do love the packaging. I think it’s very sleek and classy but I think an indicator would be a great addition.


As soon as I opened the cap (cleanser) , it instantly took me back to the day my mom was forcing me to eat my greens. It’s ridiculously strong! I thought of broccoli. I thought of herbs. I thought of many healthy, organic, green things. It’s like, you’re about to have green juice for your face! You know it’s good for you but it just doesn’t smell great. I eat my greens but I’m not a huge fan of this scent. It doesn’t stick around all day but it certainly doesn’t disappear right away. If they can tone it down a little, that would be perfect!

Get this cleanser from the ELEMIS Superfood collection:HERE

Btw, the day cream smells very similar. Not as overwhelming as the cleanser and has a punch of ginger scent. Still not my favorite scent.


The dense, gel based formula of the facial wash is quite different from all the cleansers I have tried. I did try the gel based cleanser from Fresh Beauty but this one has a more rich and thicker consistency. You don’t need much to wash your entire face. So, I can definitely see this 150 mL lasting for a really long time which makes the 25-dollar splurge totally worth it.

The moisturizer, on the other hand, has a rich and creamy consistency but is very lightweight. That small amount is what I normally need for my entire face. There were days I needed to apply a little bit more to add more moisture on some dry areas.


Both products are so easy to use. Nothing complicated!

They recommend to apply the facial wash on your dry face. Then, add water and massage it. I tried that and also tried using it on my wet face. I didn’t notice any difference so I guess, you do you! Do whichever way you prefer. One thing I noticed right away is how easily and smoothly the gel glides over my skin. Again, you only need a small amount! It gives a decent foam and is easy to rinse off as well.

Like what I said, I hate the pump cover of the moisturizer but I really love how the dispenser gives you just the right amount of moisturizer.


I have been using these products for over a week now and I can honestly say that my skin looks more radiant, softer and healthier than it was before I started using these.

I use the facial wash in the morning and the cleanser twice a day – in the morning and before I go to bed. The moment you rinse it off, your skin will feel fresh and clean and  looks brighter and healthier.

The moisturizer was an instant fave! It has a rich formula but is incredibly lightweight. I love that this product melts into your skin but dries so fast and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling. This is perfect for prepping your skin before applying your makeup. My skin looks so hydrated but not oily or greasy and I have been loving my makeup lately. I’m pretty sure my skincare has something to do with that.

Since it dries so fast, I don’t need to wait around before I start my makeup routine. So, it saves me time too!

Before I forget, this moisturizer’s packaging and their website do not mention anything about this moisturizer containing SPF which is a let down especially if you use this during the summer or if you live in a country that has a summer weather all year round.

To get your own bottle of this cream: CLICK HERE

I do wanna mention that I had a big pimple right under my left eyebrow on Day 2. It started as a bump but I noticed a tiny puss in it on Day 3. Take a look at my selfies above to see how it looked from Day 2 to Day 8. I’m not sure if it’s the facial wash or the cream or the combination that gave me that but like what I mentioned before, I normally get those whenever I use new products on my skin. Still, I think that’s something worth a space in my blog.


I am really happy with the results I’m seeing after using these for a little over a week now. My skin feels softer and looks more radiant and healthier.

I don’t think it’s the best combo for skin concerns like redness, large pores and fine lines but this illuminates my stressed and dull skin. I strongly recommend it if you need to bring back or add some more glow and moisture to your skin without the oily feeling.

This brand is indeed pricier than other brands in the market so that’s something you may wanna consider. But I truly recommend you give these two a shot. Using these has been an amazing experience and I am truly grateful to Influenster for sending these over! In fact, this has got me wanting to try more Elemis products. I heard so many great things about their Pro-Collagen collection so I may try that next. We’ll see!

If you wanna try these products, Influenster has an exclusive deal right now! $25 off your next $100+ purchase on ELEMIS.COM if you use the code INFLUENSTER. Not sure about the dates this offer is available but it’s worth a try. 

That’s a wrap for this very lengthy blog but I hope this is helpful for you. Let me know in the comment section below or via email should you have any questions about these products.

Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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