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Ever Bilena All Day Eyeliner vs. Fashion 21 Cosmetics Liquid Liner Pen

There was a time in my life when I skipped eyeliners. It was primarily because I sucked at drawing a good wing. I found myself running late to school because prettifying my eyeliner took forever. So, one day, I just decided to skip it!

Few weeks or months later, I had to start my internship as a Pre-School teacher and oh boy! There was that unspoken pressure to look pleasant all the time.

But I can clearly remember me buying an eyeliner that time. I kept practicing the eyeliner looks I see on the magazine or on TV but mine always ended up not as pretty and precise. That didn’t stop me! I kept practicing until I was able to draw a decent pair of wings.

But here’s a confession : I still struggle with eyeliners!


Maybe because, that one tiny line on your lids can actually make a huge difference on your look! It can make your eyes look bigger or smaller; It can make you look sweet or fierce. You can be anything! 

Fashion 21 Cosmetics and Ever Bilena are two of my favorite Philippines brands so I thought it would be fun to put their new eyeliners to a test.


How did they perform? Which one is better? If you wanna know the answers to these questions, keep on reading!


FASHION 21 Cosmetics Liquid Liner Pen – This felt-tip precise liner pen delivers rich, intense dramatic definition on the eyes and lets you create versatile, eye-catching liner looks. Constructed like a regular pen, it lets you maneuver the precise liner so whether you’re a makeup newbie or a seasoned makeup gal, you can achieve perfect liner looks every time.

Ever Bilena All Day Eyeliner Pen – An ultra rich smudge-proof felt-tipped liner that is guaranteed long-lasting. Ever Bilena All Day Eyeliner Pen has a soft and pointed tip for easier application and more defined result. It is also long-wearing and smudge-proof so you won’t have to reapply your eyeliner over and over again.

Claims are grabbed from the brands’ websites.

Both Liner Pens are only available in Black so we can call that a tie!


Both liners come in a simple yet classy, Black packaging with Silver labels. You can immediately see that Fashion 21’s Liquid Liner Pen is a tad bit longer and chubbier than Ever Bilena’s All Day Eyeliner Pen but looks can be deceiving! Fashion 21’s only weighs a gram while Ever Bilena’s weighs half a gram more.


FASHION 21 Cosmetics Liquid Liner Pen – P225

Ever Bilena All Day Eyeliner Pen – P200

Ever Bilena and Fashion 21 products have always been in the same price range. That’s why, despite the two being so inexpensive,  it still is a bit difficult to decide where to put your money on. I guess, it all boils down to quality!



Both liners have felt type applicators but as you can see in the photos, Fashion 21’s Liner Pen has a sleeker applicator. Both are also soft but Ever Bilena’s will need a little breaking in because it was harder during the 1st week but it got softer after days of using it. No pun intended! 😉

I love felt tip liners but I find Fashion 21’s to be easier to work with. It’s sleek applicator makes it so much easier to create precise liner looks.

I have been testing out these liners for over a month now and I always find myself struggling with Ever Bilena’s applicator. I like thin wings so the chubby tip (EB) makes it a little challenging to achieve that.

If you are into bold, thick wings or liner looks, then Ever Bilena’s All Day Eyeliner Pen may just be the perfect fit for you.


I am a sucker for MATTE, JET BLACK eyeliner! If there’s one thing I don’t like with both liners, it’s the sheen that they have. They are not the mattest and blackest eyeliners in the market. Let’s get that straight!


You’d think I used one liner pen to pull off this simple wing, but I actually am wearing Ever Bilena on my left eye and Fashion 21 on the right. They look the same! But up close, Fashion 21’s has a less visible sheen but Ever Bilena’s looks blacker.

Both are pretty liquidy but dries fast. Around 10 seconds for Ever Bilena and around 5 seconds for Fashion 21. I was amazed by how quickly Fashion 21’s Liner Pen dries out but it didn’t take me a week to realize that it could be a bad thing especially for beginners. Since this pen dries out extremely fast, you have to be quick on finishing your wings too. Careful when you add another layer, it could flake off!

Although both bleeds, they are pretty smudge proof. Once they are dry, they stay pretty good on the lids. If you have oily lids, you need to keep reading.


img_0096Both brands do not mention anything about their liners being waterproof or water-resistant. So, I did a little experiment to kind of test if they are waterproof or water-resistant.

I swatched these liners on the back of my hand. Top one is from Fashion 21 and Ever Bilena is the one at the bottom. I turned our shower on and put my hand under it for about a minute. This is how the liners look.



I didn’t wipe my hand and just let it air dry. This is how the liners looked.

For obvious reasons, Fashion 21’s Liner Pen did a better job under the shower. It looks almost the same as it was before I wet my hand. But again, this is just my little experiment so feel free to test them out on your own.



In terms of their lasting power, I have to give Ever Bilena a huge GREAT JOB! stamp. 

My lids can get oily so I actually prime my lids using a concealer or my MAC paint pot and some powder every time I wear eyeliners. It doesn’t matter if I’m wearing eyeshadows or not. I NEED to prime my lids! I tried these liners without priming my lids and this is how my lids look after around 4 hours. 


After 5 hours.

Still not bad but I think we can all agree that Ever Bilena definitely beat Fashion 21’s on this category.

I’ve used Fashion 21’s on my primed lids and I didn’t experience this. So, if you choose to use Fashion 21’s liner and you have oily lids, prime your lids and you should be good.


What’s better than long wearing makeup? Long wearing makeup that are so easy to remove!

I don’t mind spending time perfecting my makeup but I am not a huge fan of staying forever in the bathroom just because my makeup won’t come off! After a long, busy day, you just wanna wash them off and hit the sack.

What’s cool about these liners is, they are so easy to remove. I tried removing it with a drugstore makeup remover wipes, my Clinique take the day off balm and my Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover and I didn’t have a hard time removing it all off using the three products mentioned. So, removing these shouldn’t a pain!


Overall, both are good eyeliners. Not too mention, pretty inexpensive, drugstore eyeliners.

It is so difficult to pick one because they have pros and cons. They have both ticked off things I look for in a good eyeliner but they have also left some boxes unticked. If these liners could get married and have a child, I’d probably want that more.

I strongly recommend you look at the pros and cons I shared and take those into considerations when deciding what to buy between the two. 

Quite frankly, these are not my top recommendations for a great Philippines drugstore eyeliner but if I were to choose one between the two, I’d have to go with Fashion 21 Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner Pen.  The smudging was a let down but like what I said, I’ve used this with primed lids and didn’t have the same issue. At the end of the day, it has more pros than cons for me. I love that it’s less shiny and has an easier to use applicator. Plus, I strongly feel that it won’t let me down in case it rains! 

Have you tried these eyeliners? Which do you like more? 

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I really hope you find this helpful. Feel free to leave me a comment or send me an email if you have suggestions or recommendations. 

Thank you so much for dropping by my blog. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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