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Cheapest Foundation Powder Ever!

49-Peso Loose Foundation Powder?!?!?!

This is not a drill! This loose foundation powder cost 49 pesos only.


Before I answer that golden question, allow me to talk a little bit about this product.


Zale Beauty Powder is made in THAILAND. I know there is a huge population of women who are OBSESSED with cosmetics and skincare from Thailand.

This loose foundation powder claims to give you natural glow and fair looking skin with UV protection, oil control and smoother skin.

You get 30g for P49.


The moment I saw the bottles, I instantly thought of the baby powders I beat my face up with back in the days. It was giving my Johnson’s & Johnson’s or Lewis & Pearl Powder vibe. It was so nostalgic!

Anyways, I am not mad about the plastic packaging but I’m also not obsessed with it. I think it’s really cute and travel-friendly but some may find it cheap. 


I read somewhere that this doesn’t smell good but I am actually not bothered by it. I think it has that classic powder scent that’s kind of floral and a little bit soapy. Basically, your average baby powder’s scent. It’s not an annoying scent but not something I would wanna sniff all day. If you are okay with a baby powder’s scent, you should be okay with this one’s too. 


They currently have 2 different variants : Bright and Tan

You probably have guessed it already but yeah, I prefer using Tan but both actually works for my skin tone. Quite frankly, I think both shades look warm – Tan is a bit more Orangey while Bright is just a little lighter than Tan.

What’s cool and interesting about this powder is, it doesn’t appear as Orange or Yellow on the face as it is on the hand. 

Bright is not extremely light for me so it’s just perfect to use on areas of my face that I wanna highlight a little.


This powder is unbelievably fine and smooth. It’s one of the finest powders I have ever touched and used.


I use this to set my liquid foundation but I mostly grab this if I feel like sporting a minimal, fresh look.

For lazy makeup days, I draw some brows, beat my entire face up with the shade Tan and apply a lip balm or a lip color. If I wanna go a little extra or go glam that day, I bake my T-zone, my undereyes and my jaw lines with the shade Bright. Then, set the rest of my face using Tan.


There are powders I’ve used in the past that my skin didn’t exactly love. They gave me bumpies or major breakouts but I didn’t experience those with Zale Beauty Powder so that’s a huge thumbs up!

I also love that this isn’t itchy at all (not a huge fan of scratching my face esp on full glam days).


This gives a sheer coverage but can definitely brighten dark spots and other imperfections.

*All photos are taken under natural lighting to give you a good reference for its finish, shade and coverage. 

If your skin is uneven like mine and that bothers you, then, I suggest you wear a concealer or foundation to even it out first. In the picture, I am only wearing this powder as my base. 

I love that it didn’t worsen my dry areas but this also did not help with that which I think is okay. I mean, if it can’t hide it, then, it better just leave my dry patches alone, right?


I wanna remind you that I have combo skin before you keep reading.

When I applied this on my face like a regular powder, my T-zone oiled up after 3 hours. It didn’t look greasy but there’s definitely oil hanging out on my forehead and on my nose. I did blot but I didn’t feel the need to touch up because my skin looked good after blotting.

PERSONAL TIP : Baking with this helps a looooooot! I baked certain areas of my face with this and Oh My Gulay! It makes a huge difference.


This powder has been a staple this past few months. I can’t imagine lazy days without this powder! It leaves my face looking smooth and radiant. This just gives me that fresh, natural look that I truly love. It makes me look like I had 8 hours of sleep a day for the past 5 years or so (which is not even close to reality). 

This is very lightweight! You can use it on its own or on top of a bb cream, foundation or whatever you use for your base. Make sure you consider your skin type before you decide which way to go.



You don’t need a lot to achieve an oil-free, fresh looking skin with this powder.

One bottle can last for what seemed like forever. To give you an idea, here is what you get in one bottle.

Yes, I did!

I grabbed a bottle that I haven’t opened yet and poured its life out.

If you are looking for a full coverage foundation powder, this is not your best option! BUT if you love a good powder that will give you that fresh, everyday look, I’d recommend this any day! 

If you have dry to very dry skin, I don’t recommend you use this on its own. This would work for you better if you apply it on top of a hydrating base.

If you have oily skin and you are still in the lookout for a good, mattifying powder, try this one out! It’s very inexpensive and it’s worth the shot!

Oh! Have I mentioned this claims to be anti-acne and protect your skin under the sun?! Well, those are huge plus points! Perfect for your sensitive skin and just in time for Summer!

My skin is not very sensitive so I can’t say a lot about that claim so if you’ve used this before and you have sensitive skin, please share your experience in the comments section below. Thanks in advance!

Soooooooo, do I recommend this as a foundation? NO!

Is this a great everyday powder? ABSOLUTELY! I hope they also release it in a pressed formula. 

For 49 pesos, I’d say this is such an awesome deal!

That wraps up another lengthy blog but I hope you find this review helpful. 

Thank you dolls for joining me in today’s blog and I shall see you in the next one. 

Love you Dolls! xoxo

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