What’s HOT! What’s NOT! What’s NEXT!

What’s HOT! What’s NOT! What’s NEXT!

I am still questioning if January, February and March actually happened. I feel like I closed my eyes and when I opened them, I already need to flip to the next page of my planner that says April!

I planned to start this blog in the beginning of this year but things have been crazy lately. Life-changing events happened, then there are papers to process and by the time it’s all over, the 1st quarter of the year is nearing its end.

But, I’m glad I can finally start this now.

In this monthly blog, I will be sharing with you the products I love, products I may find a little disappointing and also share with you a sneak peek of what’s coming next.


L’Oreal Moisturizer – This moisturizer have definitely brought back the moisture that my face lost during winter. I am 100% obsessed with this drugstore find! For less than 10 bucks, I’d say this is an absolute steal! L’Oreal definitely created something awesome and locked it inside this tub!

Zale Beauty Powder – While were at it, I’d love to share another awesome product that will not break the bank! This Thailand pride has, without a doubt, won my heart. I’ve been rocking minimal makeup / fresh everyday look lately because of this beauty in a bottle. Although the packaging can look very teen-y, what’s inside can make magic! This keeps me looking matte but not dry and dull. For P49, you’d be crazy not to give this a shot!

Pink Sugar Sugar Tint Lip & Cheek Tint – I’d recommend these lipsticks any day! They are extremely pigmented. The colors are gorgeous and it’s not heavy on the lips. P349 maybe too much for a lipstick tube to some but if you plan to treat yourself once in a while, grab this collection. It’s a treat you’ll never regret!

Kaya Essentials – Has to be the freshest blog! It was indeed love at first swipe with these lip balms. I’ve been obsessing over these since the day I got them. What’s more amazing than pampering your lips? Doing that while giving back! 1 purchase will give 1 kid in need a happy tummy.


Benefit BADgal – I DON’T HATE THE PRODUCT! In fact, It’s on my lashes as I type these words. I guess, I am a little underwhelmed. I feel like it was honestly overhyped that I expected more. It has some cool factors but quite frankly, there are a lot of drugstore mascaras I’d choose over this.


Here’s a little sneak peek on nect month’s blogendar!

That’s a wrap for quarter 1 of 2018 and for our 1st ever What’s HOT! What’s NOT! What’s NEXT! Blog. Give me a 👍🏼 if you’d like to see this every month.

Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today. I really hope you find this helpful. If you have questions or recommendations for this blog, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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