Product Empties

Product Empties – 2018

Welcome to another collab blog! Rika and I thought of sharing our 1st set of empties for 2018.

I don’t know about you but I’d admit any day that hauls are better than empties! I love shopping for whatever there is to shop but I always feel so happy whenever I empty a bottle of toner or a tub of skincare.

When the year started, I told myself that I will maximize what I currently have and be mindful with my shopping.

After that long intro, here are my empties for the first quarter of the year (I think I did include some items I emptied last December but that’s okay right?).

Since this list can take a lifetime and a day to finish if I add a review, here’s how it’s gonna work. I’ve categorized these empties and will share a picture or pictures for each category. Then, I’ll let you know if I’m repurchasing it or not – Nope for not repurchasing and Yep for otherwise. I’ll also include a BRIEF reason why.


L’Oreal Volume Filler – Nope! It softened my hair strands but didn’t really help me with volume.

Garnier Whole Blends – Yep! We love this collection. Smells really great and very inexpensive.

Pantene 3-Minute Miracle – Nope! Nothing special. I love the one for hairfall, way more than this one.

Sunsilk – Yep! I’d buy this any day! I’m a Sunsilk baby. I grew up using this and I’ll definitely repuchase. Just a little challenging to get a hold of this though

Shea Moisture – Yep! I was told that this is for a specific hair texture but I didn’t care. I’d repurchase this over and over again. It makes my hair feel so amazing!

OGX Sake Essence – Yep! Smells out of this world, love this a lot.

BeachBorn Dry Shampoo Powder – Yep! Absolutely! Actually have repurchased it a few weeks ago. Better than any dry shampoo I’ve used.


St. Ives Oatmeal – Yep! Been using this since I was in the Philippines. Such a gentle scrub! Love it! I can’t even remember how many tubes I’ve already used. I don’t think I’ll ever stop buying it.

L’Oreal Moisturizer – Yep! A new fave! Check my current skincare routine blog to know why I love this to death.

Above pictures are all faves from Bath & Body Works. And YEP! I’ll repurchase them all. Their body all is so relaxing. There is no Nuat Thai in the US where you can go after work and pay less than P500. Opening this bottle takes you to the spa right away.

I love everything Vanilla-y so Yep! I’ll also repurchase that body lotion. Their sanitizers are super awesome – from packaging to scent. I’ll repurchase that any day!

BeachBorn Bam Balm – Yep! Finally used up this lipsaver. Been using it for a long time. Check out my lipsaver blog to know more.

Alba Hawaiian Lip Balm – Nope! Don’t get me wrong! I enjoyed it but there’s really nothing special with it. And it’s very coconut-y for my liking.

Makeup & TOOLS

Real Techniques Miracle Sponge – Yep! If you’ve been following me, you should know this is a fave!

Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover – Yep! But not in the next month or two. It does the job faster but I’m still using up my Clinique Take the Day Off Balm which I love more.

Nichido Brow Gel – Yep! I am sorry that it looks gross. This isn’t technically empty but I’ve used it so many times that it looks so dirty. I just decided to throw it away. Really tames my brow! Pricetag is also unbelievably great!

The FaceShop Brow Pencil – Yep! I use the shade #3. This will always be one of my HG brow products! Not as waxy as other pencils and makes drawing your brows so much faster!

Sephora Retractable Brow Pencil – Maybe! I know I said it is a favorite so let me explain myself! If you are looking for a very slim pencil from the high end shelves, this is the one! And it’s not that pricey! But if you’re not that obsessed with high end brands, ColourPop is another great option. In fact, I love their brow pencils more than Sephora’s. So Yep! I’ll repurchase the ColourPop Brow Pencil over and over again. Drafting a blog on this so stay tuned!

EB Advance Lash Define Mascara – Yep! I’d buy it all the time if they are available in the US! The dual wands targeting both your top and bottom lashes is just very clever!

Fashion 21 Cosmetics Double Up Mascara – Yep! Will always be a fave mascara.

NYX Rectractabe Pencil Eyeliner – Nope! It does the job but I realize that there are way better options in the market that last longer on my waterline.

Holika Holika Pencil Eyeliner – Nope! I did enjoy this eyeliner. There was a time that this is the only liner I was wearing but I discovered some eyeliners that last longer on my waterline.

The Face Shop Ink Graffi Eyeliner – Yep! Such a good eyeliner! We’ve actually been in the lookout for this but can’t find it anywhere in the US.

Essence Liquid Eyeliner – Nope! I bought this because of a Beauty Guru’s review. I love how intensely black it is but it smudges! And the actual pen started to dry out after a week. Not practical at all!

Maybelline Curvitude Liner – Nope! I did enjoy this liner too but takes a while to get a hang of the shape. I’ve been running late because of my wings, ain’t got time for that! 🤪

Phew! That was quite a list! Those are my empties for the 1st quarter of 2018! If there is any product you want me to do a full review on (If I haven’t yet, let me know in the comments below).

Now that you’re done with my list, head over to Rika’s blog to check out her Empties list by clicking the link below :

Rika’s Empties

Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today. I really hope you find this helpful. If you have questions or recommendations for this blog, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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