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Swatch Watch! AOA Studio Lipsticks

Who wouldn’t love paying a dollar for a tube of lipstick?!

Shop Miss A is a go to store for 1-dollar makeup. They offer a lot of makeup, tools, lashes, socks, etc.  from brands like AOA Studio and KleanColor. Like you, I wouldn’t mind spending a dollar to test out something that may save me a lot of money in the long run. Why would you buy a 20-dollar lipstick if you can get the same quality and shade for 1/20th of the price. 

So, I bought 3 different shades of AOA Studio lipsticks to see for myself if these one-dollar lipsticks are truly fab finds. I got the shades Trend, Vintage and Drama. I thought it would be fun to swatch a Nude, a Dark Red and a Deep Purplish lipstick. 

Here’s how the packaging looks: 

You don’t get a lot of info from the packaging so here’s what I got from their website :

A long-wear, full-coverage liquid lipstick with a smooth, matte finish. Lasts all day long and available in 24 gorgeous shades! Wear together with the AOA Wonder lipliner pencils for all day, long lasting color. 

Prep your lips: To improve consistency of application, gently exfoliate with a lip scrub. Blot off any excess oils. Allow approximately 30 seconds for color to set and intensify to an opaque finish.

  • All our liquid lipsticks are cruelty-free — we do not test our products on animals
  • Vegan, Paraben Free
  • We ship worldwide at affordable rates



If you wanna know more about this product, click HERE .

They are pigmented but you will notice that the darker shades look patchy. 

This lipstick collection is a hit or miss for me. The formula is inconsistent. Trend and Drama dries faster than Vintage. I don’t know what’s wrong with Vintage but it’s also the most patchy and needs a lot of work to achieve an even lip look. 

The formula is pretty thick. They are not very heavy on the lips but they are also not the most comfortable to wear. They actually remind me of the Jazzy France Lustrous Lip Gloss that I have tried before ; these just have a thicker formula and last a little longer on the lips. They last about 5 to 6 hours but can also be defeated by oily foods. 

I can’t blame you if these are giving you ColourPop vibe, the packaging looks very similar but I have to say, this may be 5 bucks cheaper but ColourPop’s liquid lipsticks are consistently pigmented and much more comfortable on the lips. I’d keep my money and wait for a ColourPop sale for their lipsticks and buy those instead. 

Overall, these lipsticks are not that bad especially if you think about the price. If you are on a tight budget but still want to wear beautiful lip colors, definitely check these out. 

I believe they only have a physical store in Dallas, Texas so you can check Shop Miss A’s website for the available shades. If you can visit their store, that would be more awesome so you can swatch the shades before buying them because again, this collection is a hit or miss for me. 

Check out my Shop Miss A Haul video if you wanna see what else I got from the store. 

I hope you enjoyed this Swatch Watch blog. Let me know in the comments section how you feel about these lipsticks and if there are other lipsticks you want me to swatch for you next time. 

Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today. I really hope you find this helpful. 

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