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One-Dollar Nail Polish???

This is probably one of my fave finds from a dollar store!

This isn’t the first time I am talking about items I picked up from Shop Miss A but if you are new to my blog, I’ll include some links of my previous blogs and the store’s website below for your reference.

Anyway, I got these polishes free from my last purchase at their store in Grapevine. I have used the transparent polish as a topper for nail colors from other brands but I am using this bluish Gray for the 1st time today. 

They are tiny so won’t need a lot of space in your storage and perfect for traveling. You don’t see a lot of info on the bottle. I can’t even see the name of the colors. I did see the #s 11 and 42 on the bottom of the bottle which I assume are their “shades”.

The applicator is smaller than I preferred but it glides smoothly on your nails and applies the color evenly. 


I was shocked by its opacity! I didn’t expect a lot from these polishes because of its price tag but I am seriously impressed. I may not be satisfied with just 1 coat because it’s to light for my liking but one coat could actually work. Apply Two coats on your nails and you should be good to go.

AOA Polish

Also, the polish on its own looks shiny already so you can totally skip topping it with a clear polish. Trust me! This looks way better than other pricier polishes I’ve tried. 

IMPORTANT WARNING : These smells very strong! It’s a typical polish scent but smells stronger. It doesn’t disappear right away. 

Personal Tip : I light a candle or spray a mist or something in the house while waiting for this to dry. That way, I’m not bothered by the scent. Once it’s completely dry, I apply some hand cream to get rid of the scent 100%.


If you are looking for long lasting polish that will survive washing the dishes and clothes, this is not it! I washed some dishes earlier and this is how my nails looked. 

These may last longer on your nails if you are not in charge of the dishes and/or not manually washing some clothes.

These are absolute must haves if you are:

  • a teenager who’s dependent on mom and dad’s but still wants to paint your nails with pretty colors but can’t afford to splurge pricey polishes
  • someone who just want inexpensive polishes and you don’t mind touching it up every other day

Overall, I think it’s an awesome product for just a buck! I’m definitely buying more colors. 

One-Dollar Lipsticks Blog

Shop Miss A Haul Video 

Check out my Shop Miss A Haul video if you wanna see what else I got from the store. Let me know if you see something there that you want a more in depth review on.

Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today. I really hope you find this helpful.

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