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My 1st BOXYCHARM Experience – IS IT WORTH IT?

Finally got my hands on this Black box every beauty guru I follow on YouTube talks about!

If you love makeup, there’s no way you’ve never heard about this box. I’ve seen this everywhere and I’ve been dying to get my hands on it.


When I saw that Alamar Cosmetics’ Reina Del Caribe palette is gonna be in the June 2018 box, I knew that I have the perfect reason to sign up.

I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of YouTubers share their thoughts and create many different looks using this months’ items but since this is my 1st box, I thought of documenting my Boxycharm experience through a blog. Do I think it’s worth it?  Keep reading to know!

This month’s theme is Caribbean Queen. Can’t think of a more perfect name for this box that screams SUMMER!

The 1st thing I looked for when I opened the box is the Reina Del Caribe palette from Alamar Cosmetics ($28). I was already thinking of getting this palette before I even found out that this is included in the box because of a video that Kathleen Lights posted a few weeks back. Every color in this palette was calling my name! I just need to get my hands on it! I will play with this palette some more and publish a separate review soon.

SDJ Bum bumNext thing I pulled out of the box is the Sol De Janero’s Brazillian Bum Bum Cream mini ($10). I’ve been wanting to get this for a long time now but I just couldn’t justify the price but now, I want the full size! The scent of this body cream alone makes this box so worth it! It smells so luxurious and delicious! It absorbs quickly and gives your skin instant softness. Really moisturizing! Just the perfect on-the-go lotion this summer…or all year round!

I have never heard of the brand Jonteblu. I guess, that’s one of the things I like about subscription boxes. You’ll never know what you’re gonna get and sometimes, you’ll get items from brands you wouldn’t normally check out. Then again, you’ll never know if you’d like it unless you try right? This box included Jonteblu’s Waterproof Eyeliner pencil ($5) . Quite frankly, it’s not the most pigmented and the blackest liner I’ve ever tried which is probably why it’s my least favorite from this box. My relationship with this eyeliner isn’t necessarily love at 1st swatch but I’m willing to spend more time with it. Let’s see if I will have a change of heart!

You’ll also get 3 Luxie brushes ($42) in this box – Precision Foundation Brush (660), Tapered Highlighter Brush (522) and Duo Fibre Powder Brush (516). I’ve used a few Luxie brushes in the past – some are a little disappointing while others are amazing! I am obsessed with the color of these brushes. They really go with this month’s vibe!


If you’ve been following me, you should know that I don’t wear falsies a lot but I did promise I’ll try to wear it more this year. I guess, the boxycharm angels heard my call so they also included a pair in this month’s box. Battington Monroe Silk Lashes are handmade with 100% silk and are designed to last up to 25 applications. We shall see! I’ll keep you all posted. 

Last but certainly not the least, Ofra Cosmetics ($21) is also well represented this month. My box included one of their new shades, Verona and it’s a really stunning nude. The kind of nude that I feel would work for any skin tone.

 I’ve been using this lipstick for days now and I have to say, I LOVE IT!

I did the math and the total value of my box is $134 which is mind blowing because I only paid $21 – no additional taxes and no shipping fees! AMAZING!

If you’re wondering about the timeline, I made the order last 6/13. I got a notif that my box is on its way last 6/15 and I received the box by the 21st of June. I can’t guarantee that you will have the same timeline because I’m honestly not sure if it varies depending on your location. I live in Dallas, Texas, if that helps. 🙂

DO I THINK IT’S WORTH IT? Absolutely! I understand it’s pricier than other subscription boxes like Ipsy and Play by Sephora but this is, without a doubt, the best subscription box I’ve ever received by far!

I hope you enjoyed this blog on my 1st Boxycharm experience. If you did enjoy this and you wanna see more blogs like this, give this a thumbs up and/or let me know in the comment below. 

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Thank you so much for dropping by and I will chat with you again soon. 

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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4 thoughts on “My 1st BOXYCHARM Experience – IS IT WORTH IT?

  1. You joined during the perfect month! I unsubscribed a couple months ago, but this month’s box is awesome! I have that Alamar Cosmetics palette and it is incredible.


      1. I didn’t subscribe again. Luckily a bunch of people in my community subscribe to BoxyCharm and then always sell the products new and unused on a local used item app, so I can pick and choose the products I want from there! That’s how I got the palette, and for only $10! It was a total score.


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