I Wore Sheet Masks for 7 Days – Lulu Lun Precious Red Face Mask Review

I’ve been seeing this brand a lot on Instagram so I thought of doing a 7-day wear test blog on this raved about masks before you dolls lash out your dollars for something that may not work for you.


Notice the dry patches around my mouth and my cheeks. This is a common problem for combi to dry skin types.

I picked up this Lulu Lun Precious Red pack a few weeks ago from a little store in Houston. This was priced at $6.99 which is a pretty sweet deal for 7 sheet masks. If you are in the Philippines, you can get them at Beauty Bar. I bought the Precious White mask there before for P335. It just totally slipped my mind to publish a review. I wanna make sure I don’t forget to do it this time.

Since this is a wear test, I think it would make sense to show you how my skin looked before using the mask. Here’s a selfie taken 2 days before I started the wear test.

Before we talk about my experience, here’s a quick look at the packaging. You know I don’t really care about the packaging because it’s just gonna end up in the trash anyways but this one has a pretty fancy packaging. Love the Red and Gold combo. 

Lulu Lun Packaging

Once you open it up, you’ll see the folded sheet masks stacked inside and the idea is to grab one sheet a day. It’s not exactly the most hygienic but I love the idea of saving the Earth by stacking 7 sheet masks inside one plastic packaging. Just make sure you wash your hands before opening this up. You are not counting it wrong! I was halfway done with this pack when I thought of including this photo.

In reality, not everyone wear sheet masks on a daily basis. Not everyone has the time and energy for that and not everyone has a skin type that needs a daily mask.

Lulu Lun Precious Red 7-pc Pack

Size wise, not my fave! If you’ve read my previous sheet mask review (The Sharing Co Sheet Mask), you know I need a sheet mask that’s big enough for my huge forehead. This doesn’t have those flaps under your eyes but it has a weird inner eye section that pokes my eyes once in a while. It doesn’t slip and slide which you know I love but I found myself needing to adjust it a few times because of that weird section.

This gives you a decent amount of essence – not the most generous but also not as stingy as The Sharing Co’s. I guess that’s one of the disadvantages of this pack – the essence is shared by 7 sheet masks. You have to wait until your 7th mask before you can squeeze out the remaining juice.


As soon as I touched the mask, I knew it’s about to get sticky! It’s not bothering when you’re wearing the mask but I sometimes wear the essence to sleep and wash it off the next day. I wouldn’t recommend doing that with this mask. I did it on night 1 and the next day, I had a lot of hair on my face. God knows what happened while I was sleeping but I have a strong feeling that it’s the tacky essence’s fault.


After washing my face the next morning, I noticed two things : my face felt incredibly soft AND I have new friends in the nose area.

I wasn’t so alarmed because I normally get bumpies whenever I try something new. If I see more and more every day, then that’s my sign that my skin hates it and I need to stop using it. That wasn’t the case for this mask. I didn’t see new ones after that day which is why I kept using it. 

Day 5, my bumpies started to disappear and my skin is way softer than it was prior to this wear test. This mask totally got rid of the dry patches around mouth and on my cheeks.

Also, if you love using sheet masks for your makeup prep, you’ll love this one. My makeup looked really good on top of it.

Here are some selfies I took in front of our window the morning after using the last sheet mask. I should have taken a before photo under natural lighting but that totally skipped my mind.  

I know that this mask targets signs of aging but I think I need more than 7 days to prove that claim. However, after 7 days of using this mask, I can’t deny the fact that this made my skin look radiant and so hydrated. I didn’t worry about my dry patches after using it twice. 

To sum this all up, I think this is a really great everyday mask especially if you’re struggling with dry patches. 

I’d strongly recommend this mask if you have combination or dry skin. If your skin is on the oilier side, this may just intensify the oil build up.

You can also check them out on amazon ($8.99) by clicking HERE. They also sell this in a 32-pc pack ($22.79). If this mask isn’t your cup of tea, there are other variants you can choose from. Just visit their website, CLICK HERE.

What sheet mask do you want me to try next? Leave them in the comments below. 

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2 thoughts on “I Wore Sheet Masks for 7 Days – Lulu Lun Precious Red Face Mask Review

  1. Of course, you won’t see a noticeable on the anti-aging, cause you are still young. That particular series target people who are mature. And how busy is your life that you can’t spend at least 20 mins a day to take care of your skin? I mask every day and always find time on my busy schedule.


    1. Hi! Appreciate you taking the time to leave your thoughts on my blog. I just turned 31 and I’m starting to see fine lines around my eyes so I try to use anti-aging products once in a while.

      Kudos to you for taking care of your skin by masking everyday! As I mentioned, not everyone has the time and the energy for that and not everyone has a skin type that needs a daily mask.


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