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12 Must Try Tummy Treats in Texas

A piece of advice to the daughter I may be lucky enough to have one day and to whoever needs this today : a happy tummy is always better than a thigh gap. Never let anyone make you feel less beautiful just because you’re not a size 2!

I’ve gone so tired of hearing/reading comments like  “How did you gain weight so fast?”, “What have you been eating?” “OMG! You’ve gained a lot!”

First of all, I KNOW! Tell me something I don’t. 

Today, I thought of sharing with you some of the reasons why I got happier (heavier :D). Yeah! Blame it on Texas!

1. Chips and Queso from Torchy’s Tacos – If you are into Mexican food, here’s a perfect movie or party snack for you! Sandra ordered this one day and I just couldn’t stop eating. It’s unbelievably fresh and crispy; just the way I love my chips. But what makes it a winner is, their Green Chili Queso. It’s the most flavorful queso I have ever tried. If you can’t handle extremely spicy dips, you can ask them to remove the diablo sauce but you can have it as is for a very hot party in your mouth. Either way, this queso is delicioso!

2. Tacos from Velvet Taco – Let’s keep the Mexican ball rolling. If somebody were to ask me, “what’s the best taco place in Texas?”,  I’d say Velvet Taco without batting an eyelash. I’ve tried half of their menu and I find it so difficult to decide which one I like most. They’re all freaking good!

They also offer red velvet cake for dessert but there was nothing so special about it. The serving is huge so you can eat it with a buddy or have the rest of it to go for a late night sweet craving. Their elote is also a must try!

3. Thurman’s Choice from Salt Lick – I’ve never tried the famous Franklin’s BBQ in Austin or the equally popular Pecan Lodge in Dallas but Salt Lick has already exceeded my barbecue-y expectations. They serve the best Texas BBQ I’ve ever tried. Of all the plates we’ve ordered, I strongly recommend you get the Thurman’s Choice (The plate that poppa ate). You’ll get to try their brisket, pork ribs and sausage in one plate. The Rancher is a close 2nd fave! I also love the vibe of the place – it’s as Texan as it gets. Saltillo's Tapa De Lomo .jpg

4. Tapa De Lomo (specially trimmed ribeye cap) from Saltillo Mexican Restaurant– Whether you like it rare or well done, Saltillo’s humongous steak is a must try for all you steak lovers out there. I’m not kidding when I say humongous! This juicy monster is over 4 lbs. and is good for a group of 6 (depending on how hangry you are). It comes with some delish sides too. Worth every buck! Warning: don’t eat it alone or food coma is coming for yah!

IceNY Rolled Ice Cream5. Rolled Ice Cream from IceNY (Carrollton) –  If you’re looking for the best rolled ice cream, look no further! You can choose from their set menu or build your own recipe. Whatever you choose, you can watch them prepare it for you. They have a wide variety of really unique and creative flavors. Strawberry Cheesecake and S’mores keep us coming back to this place but there are a few flavors that I’m dying to try on our next visit like their Ube and Thai Iced Tea flavors. You really can’t go wrong with any flavor!

6. Zero Degrees Mangonada – I went gaga over mangonada! There was a time when I wanted mangonada every single day but the closest to our place is a 45-min drive. In the words of Michelle Tanner, “No way, José!”  Zero Degrees’ mangonada has the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. They have truly transformed a classic mango smoothie to a to-die-for kind of drink especially in the summer. 

Gang Jung Soy Garlic Chicken

7. Gang Jung Soy Garlic Chicken in Carrollton – I think I licked all my fingers after eating Gang Jung’s Soy Garlic chicken! I haven’t had Korean chicken in a long time so when we saw this place, we drove around 30 minutes just to try their chicken. And I’m telling you, their juicy chicken is worth every mile!


8. Egg / Cheese Tarts from 85°C Bakery Cafe – I love their coffee and boba but their egg tart is always the highlight of our visit. They are just the fluffiest, prettiest and the tastiest ever! Just a piece of advice, eat it hot and fresh! You’ll look forward to every bite. 

9. Raising Cane’s Lemonade – I’ve had a lot of lemonades but I keep coming back to the one from Raising Cane’s. It’s not too sweet and not too sour! Just the perfect refreshment to beat the heat this summer. 

10. Wild About Harry’s Custard – I honestly don’t know the history of the name but I always go wild about their custard. It’s creamy, taste amazing and it’s homemade! There’s not a flavor that I tasted that I didn’t like. The Coley’s Walk-In Sundae is my go to. I really enjoy the hot fudge and malt powder combo. If I’m not in the mood for that, I bet you, I’m eating their cinnamon flavored custard. 

11. Bangkok’s Pad Thai – I don’t even remember how many times we’ve eaten food from Bangkok in Greenville Ave. which is literally a few steps away from us. I’ve tried a few items from their very overwhelming menu but there are 3 things we always order – their chicken satay, pineapple fried rice and of course, their pad thai. I love that they always serve their food fresh. Their Pad Thai is incredibly flavorful and their serving is huge so you can definitely share it with the fam. Their pad thai never disappoints me!Sushi Fork Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.jpg

12. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang from Sushi Fork – Last on the list but certainly not the least! It was extremely difficult to pick a favorite from Sushi Fork. I love their hot mess sushi roll. Admiral Crunch is unbelievably delicious too but Kiss Kiss Bang Bang just won my heart. Blame it on the pop rocks! I’ve never seen and tasted anything like that before. Those bits of pop rocks on top of each sushi roll definitely threw a party in my mouth. 

I recently turned 12 months old in Texas so I hope you enjoyed this list of 12 drool-worthy treats I strongly recommend you try when you visit Texas. Trust me! The list could be longer. The food here is ridonculously good! But we’ll talk about the rest next time. 

If your Texas fave is not on my list, leave them in the comments section below so I can check it out and maybe add to my next list. 

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Thank you for joining me in today’s blog and I shall see you in the next one. 

Love you Dolls! xoxo

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