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UNBOXING : My Althea Korea Angel Welcome Box

You gotta see what’s in the box!

I had something else planned for today’s blog but I saw my fave Pink box and I just need to tweak my calendar just a little bit. Cancelling today’s nap time to share with you all what’s inside my Althea Korea Angel Welcome Box fresh from Korea! I mean, my mailbox.

I have to be honest, I’ve watched a few Althea Angels do their unboxings so I know what to expect. Still, I am so excited to see and touch everything inside this box. So, shall we?

First of, this is a really cute and special box because only Althea Angels receive it ( I believe).

The moment I opened it, I immediately saw the glossy, pink Althea Angel bag that says “Spread Your Wings”.

Well, isn’t this lovely? I can see me filling this with skincare minis for when I travel and just put this bag in the bathroom. I can stay organized and I know my bag is not gonna get all wet. 

Althea Korea Mirror


Can I just say how much I loooooove this Althea Angel mirror? I’m a fan of the whole clean and minimalist look.

It’s light so I can carry it anywhere I go and I can use it when I film a look without hurting my arm. It’s just the right size and weight.

Definitely one of my faves from this box.


Now, let’s talk about the two super cool products from Althea Korea’s collab with Get It Beauty. My heart is filled with so much excitement while opening these products’ packagings. Althea stayed consistent with their minimalist theme. I really love that I can see the actual product through the transparent packaging. It looks pretty cool and relaxing when you keep flipping the tube. Or is that just me being weird?

Althea Korea - Real Fresh Skin Detoxers

Anyways, these Real Fresh Skin Detoxers are 10-second wash off mask that you can use on a daily basis. No, this isn’t a typo! I did mean 10 seconds! Not 10 minutes! Now this is a potential game changer, right? Like this blog if you are also excited to see if this will actually make me throw my other masks away!

These masks claim to revitalize your skin with its natural ingredients and help promote blood circulation and detoxification. There are two variants to be excited about – Rose and Green Tea. Now those are two things I love – both in my skincare and as drinks. 😀

Leave me a comment if you want me to do a detailed review on these natural beauties.

Next in the bag is the Althea Korea Birthday bag. They recently turned three years old and that’s exactly what it says on this tote. You can definitely use this bag for shopping, carrying some of your beach items or display it in your room to remind you that you are a beautiful angel! They have an ongoing birthday contest where you can win a chance to fly to Korea so make sure you check out Althea Korea for more details.

Althea Korea Birthday Bag


Also in the bag are :

  • A welcome note signed by Tammy Lim, Head of Creative Communications
  • A 10% off promo code (Try the code ALTHEATURNS3 on your next order. If it works, amazing! If it doesn’t, I’m so sareeee.)
  • 3 Birthday boxes that are so fun to assemble

Check out my Althea Korea Angel highlights on Instagram to see me and Sandra battle for the Fastest Althea Birthday Box Builder title. Wanna guess who won? 😉

If you receive these boxes, make sure you keep them. You’ll need it if you wanna join their birthday contest.

That’s everything in the box dolls! I hope you enjoyed our little unboxing today. Don’t worry, there will be more Althea boxes we’ll unbox in the future.

Speaking of, another perk of becoming an Althea Angel was $30 worth of store credits so of course, I did some shopping! I literally just ordered a bunch of stuff from the Althea website last night. Now there’s another unboxing we can look forward to. If you are eyeing a product on the Althea site that you are not sure whether to get it or not, leave the names in the comment and I’ll check them out next time. 

Click HERE to get 20% off on your 1st Althea Korea order. They seriously have the best KBeauty menu and the most incredible customer service! Love them so much. 

I did an unboxing video last year where I talked a little bit about Althea Korea and how long it takes to get your orders delivered in the US. I’ll link it below in case you wanna watch it. 


As always, thank you all so much for your love and support. I’ll chat with you again in our next blog.

Love you Dolls! xoxo

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