Product Empties

Product Empties 2018 – Part 3

Why don’t we follow that 100-dollar Althea Korea haul with a long empties blog?

Shopping gets me excited but I love seeing empty bottles. In a way, it makes me feel good; it convinces me that I didn’t waste my money on those purchases.

We all know I have a history of typing in long intros so I think I better get started with my empties list. And I promise, I’ll try to make this quick!

Let’s kick this off with some recent Bath & Body Works empties.

  • Aromatherapy Body Lotion in FocusWILL REPURCHASE but the one in squeezy tubes! Love the very relaxing scent but hate the packaging!
  • Aqua Burst Body WashWILL REPURCHASE! Again, love the scent but hate the packaging! This one has a cooler, cleaner scent. I just wish this comes in a squeezy tube as well. It bugs me to see some product left inside the bottle and no matter how much I hit the bottle’s butt, I couldn’t get it all out. Sucks! (insert face palm emoji here) Btw, this is one of the few BBW products that Sandra is obsessed with. It’s primarily because of the scent. So good!
  • Amber & Argan Body CreamWILL NOT REPURCHASE. It’s OK! It smells good but I am not really planning to repurchase it anytime soon. 
  • Almond & Vanilla OilWILL NOT REPURCHASE. Primarily used this for massage time because of it’s relaxing scent. I love that the formula is not extremely thick but not watery as well. I have to be very honest though, I love the Stress Relief oil from the Aromatherapy collection way more than this one. If you’re planning to get some oil from BBW, get that one instead. (I know, I did! I stocked up because they were on sale!)
  • Travel sized body lotionWILL REPURCHASE! If I have to rank these 3, Warm Vanilla Sugar will definitely be #1. It’s one of my all time fave scents! Champagne Toast is a close second. I have a love- hate relationship with this one. Sometimes, it smells too sweet for me. Sweet pea smells good too but definitely not one of my top recos from the brand. I may add the other scents in my shopping bag next time.
  • BBW PocketBac SanitizersWILL FOREVER REPURCHASE! Loooooooove their sanitizers! They are the best smelling and the cutest ever! Get their aromatherapy sanitizers if you like relaxing scents but if that’s not your thing, they have gazillions of scents to choose from. 

I was so shocked to see only 4 bath products in this empties! Then I realized these Olay Body Wash bottles are huge! It took us a while to finish it. If you’re into Olay and you wanna save a few bucks, buy them from Costco. They always have great Olay deals! Anyways, it does the job! Don’t expect too much on the scent though.

  • St. Ives Renew and Purify Body WashWILL NOT REPURCHASE! You may have noticed (or maybe not) that this is not empty but I thought of including it because I tossed it away before we left Dallas. All I can say is, I tried to love it but golly! This dried my skin big time! I already hated that but wait, there’s more! My skin started to itch. I just had to stop using it. As you may see, I finished half of it because I kept using it for 2 weeks or so. I gave it a lot of chances but no! Hard pass! Not repurchasing it ever again. Going back to my oatmeal body wash. 
  • Palmer’s Skin Therapy OilWILL REPURCHASE! This was an instant fave. It saved my life when I was itching a lot! Best oil I’ve ever tried by far! I tried the rose scented one too but I went back to the original formula. Just love it a little bit more. 
  • TRESemmé Keratin Smooth ShampooWILL REPURCHASE! Perfect everyday shampoo. Recommend it if you have color treated hair and you want it to look and feel softer. Plus, it’s very budget friendly. 
  • L’Oreal Elvive Total Repair 5 ConditionerMAY REPURCHASE! Don’t love it but also don’t hate it. It’s affordable and makes my hair feel soft so I may purchase it again! 
  • Neutrogena Triple Moisture Hair MaskWILL NOT REPURCHASE! I was hesitant to buy this because it’s pricier than the Garnier mask I recently emptied. I should have listened to my gut! My hair didn’t feel as soft even after leaving this mask on for 15 minutes. I tried leaving it on for 30 minutes and that worked. I may just go back to my Garnier mask. Check out my review on it HERE
  • BeachBorn Dry Shampoo PowderWILL REPURCHASE! Sandra loves this dry shampoo a loooooot! This is the only dry shampoo she uses. We had to buy a set just to get this powder dry shampoo. I hope they start selling it separately because it’s actually pretty amazing! Definitely one of our go to dry shampoos!
  • BeachBorn Healing TonerMAY HAVE TO REPURCHASE! Aside from the fact that this brand is not as accessible as other toners, I also don’t love it a lot. I actually prefer this as a facial mist than a toner. The one from Dickinson’s, which I’ve also recently emptied but I don’t know where I tossed the bottle in, is still my go to toner. The biggest reason why I said I may have to repurchase the healing toner is because this goes with the dry shampoo kit. 
  • BeachBorn Bam BalmWILL REPURCHASE! Check out my 10 Lipsavers blog to know why this landed on the top spot. 

I felt so guilty throwing these two facial cleansers in the trash but I thought it was about time. 

  • Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal CleanserWILL NOT REPURCHASE! I got this for Sandra but I also used it for a few weeks. I didn’t love this at all but I didn’t wanna just toss it in the trash because it’s like throwing away your money! It gives your skin a weird tingling sensation and it’s too minty that it hurts my eyes every single time I used it. The worse part is, it didn’t even do anything to our pores. Not worth it! 
  • Neutrogena Healthy Skin Boosters Facial CleanserWILL NOT REPURCHASE! I have a love-hate relationship with this one. I even featured it in my Skincare Routine blog. I loved how clean and fresh my skin felt and how radiant it looked everytime I used this but oh my goodness! This gives me dry patches. I always needed to use a thicker moisturizer just so my skin would look a little less dry.  

I gave both a fair chance but ultimately, neither is worth the hassle. 

  • St Ives Oatmeal ScrubWILL FOREVER REPURCHASE! All time fave scrub! It’s the most gentle scrub ever and doesn’t break the bank! Absolutely recommend it! They just launched an avocado scrub. May try that one very soon!
  • Mumuso and Miniso Rose Facial SprayWILL NOT REPURCHASE both! I bought these two because of the hype! It’s one of those everybody-is-raving-about-it kinda thing but didn’t work for me. Didn’t see any results! Actually, I did! They both broke me out so no thanks! 
  • Neo-gen Bio-Peel Gauze ( Lemon)WILL REPURCHASE but not anytime soon! This really works! It brightens and evens out your skin but it’s a little bit pricey. I may look at other cheaper alternatives. I don’t hate it; I just can’t afford it right now. 

Let’s talk masks!

  • Boom Deah Dah Sheet MasksWILL REPURCHASE! Actually, have already repurchased! Check out my latest Althea Korea Haul. Love these masks and they are super inexpensive – we’re talking 40 cents a mask here! Perfect everyday mask! Grab it HERE to get 20% off your 1st order!
  • The Sharing Co Sheet MasksWILL NOT REPURCHASE! This is the 2nd time I purchased this mask set from Amazon. I did repurchase it because I wanted to give it another chance. I was still disappointed so I will not repurchase it ever again. Check out my full review on this mask HERE
  • Lebaton MaskNOT SURE YET! I’ve only used this one sheet and I couldn’t decide on how I feel about it. I may just use it some more and publish a separate blog on this to let you all know. 
  • The Creme Shop Blueberry Banana MaskWILL REPURCHASE! I’m holding on to the last sheet from this set because I am drafting a detailed review on it so I’ll just share my thoughts on this mask in that blog. For now, know that of all the masks I’ve tried, this is the only one that covered my entire forehead. That’s just incredible, at least to me! 
  • Mumuso Nail Polish RemoverHOPING TO REPURCHASE but I don’t know where to get it here in the US. By far, my fave polish removing pads. It’s not as oily as the other brands I’ve tried (aka the next one). Did I mention this is super inexpensive too?! 
  • L.A. Colors Nail Polish RemoverMAY NOT REPURCHASE! I had high hopes but this was just too oily. I am currently looking for something better that will not break my tiny bank so send me your recommendations puhhlease!

I am a bit disappointed to see very few makeup empties this quarter. I guess because I haven’t been wearing too much makeup this past few months. 

  • Equate Eye Makeup RemoverWILL REPURCHASE! This has been the best cheaper alternative to the one from Neutrogena. It does the job and you pay a few bucks less. 
  • Sephora Eye Makeup RemoverMAY NOT REPURCHASE! I got a sample of this makeup remover and I loved it so I purchased it. For some reasons I can’t explain, I hated the one I paid for. It hurt my eye big time! I don’t know if it’s from a bad batch or if they changed their formula but I didn’t love it at all. I may repurchase it one more time to see if I’d love it again or just to hurt my eyes again. We’ll see!
  • Sephora Charcoal Exfoliating WipesWILL NOT REPURCHASE! Sephora took the word exfoliating too seriously. I don’t know what they were thinking when they were making this but these wipes are just too rough it hurts. It felt like scraping off your skin! I know hate is such a strong word but yes, I will use that to describe these wipes. Hate it!
  • ColourPop Brow PencilMAY REPURCHASE! I love that it’s skinny so it’s so easy to achieve precision but I’m more in love with my holy grail The Face Shop brow pencil. If you’re looking for skinny brow pencils, this is something you should definitely check out. It’s way cheaper than other skinny brow pencils. 
  • Benefit BADgal BANG MascaraMAY REPURCHASE! I published a very lengthy blog featuring this mascara. So, I’ll just link it HERE so you can all check it out if you want. 
  • Ellana Cosmetics Makeup Brush CleanerHOPING TO REPURCHASE but Philippines is so far away! I am in love with this brush cleaner. It does the job and it does it super quick! It instantly takes off all the makeup in your brushes without destroying the quality. Love it! Calling all my friends in the Philippines who are reading this, I want this for Christmas! ♥️ 

That wraps up another lengthy list of empties, dolls! I hope you enjoyed reading this blog as mich as I did typing it. I hope this also inspires you to empty up some bottles sitting pretty on your vanities.

Enjoy the rest of your day and I’ll chat with you again in our next blog. 

Love you dolls!

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