Moments like this does not happen often.

We were walking around Marshall’s when I saw this The Creme Shop Blueberry Banana mask. I had to take a closer look at it because that was the 1st time I saw it in a store and of course, the Blueberry and Banana combo is quite interesting.

The Creme Shop Blueberry Banana Fusion Sheet Mask - Worn.pngSIZE/FIT

I fell in love the 1st time I used it! It’s one of those rare moments that a sheet mask fits my fivehead. I’ll give it a perfect 10 for the mask size!


This exact kit is sold at $15 on their website but I got it at Marshall’s for only 5 bucks. I still don’t understand why they’re sold at a cheaper price in stores like Marshall and how the store is earning from this but hey! I’m not complaining! I’m all about saving some moolah!


If this mask is edible, I probably would have eaten this whole kit before the day ended. It’s very banana-y! You can’t really smell the blueberry but I honestly don’t mind. It smells delicious!

The actual sheet feels very soft and soaked in a good amount of essence (they weren’t stingy but it wasn’t dripping wet too). You can also squeeze out some essence left in the pack which you know I appreciate. 


Since we can think of this as a two in one mask, I guess, it means double the benefits right?

“The Crème Shop’s fusion sheet mask is designed to deliver the benefits of two masks with just one application.

Blueberry’s superpower: Maintain youthfulness. Antioxidants found in blueberries protect skin from damage to preserve a supple, smooth complexion.

Banana’s super power: Gentle brightener. Bananas contain enzymes that act as a mild exfoliator, lifting away dead skin cells. Reveals radiant, glowing skin.”

Learn more about this mask by clicking HERE.

The Creme Shop Blueberry Banana Fusion Sheet Masks


After using the entire set, my skin did feel softer and looked more healthy. I did not have any break out which is a big thumbs up for me.

Will I pay 15 bucks for this? Sure! But I’m definitely gonna walk around Marshall’s first to get more of these or try their other masks at a cheaper price.

I’m glad to see good results in just a few uses but quite frankly, it’s something that you can also get from other brands. If you can’t find it at a Marshall’s near you and you’re not comfortable paying $15 for a set of 5 sheet masks, definitely check your other cheaper options.

I hope you enjoyed this blog doll! Let me know in the comment section what sheet mask I should try next!

Thank you for joining me in today’s blog and I’ll chat with you again in the next one. 

Love you Dolls! xoxo


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