30-Day Test · First, SKINCARE!

NeoCell Collagen Powder Review

A SKEPTIC no more!

Neocell Collagen Powder + Keratin Hair Volumizer.jpgI think it’s important to start this blog by saying, YES! NeoCell sent this to me but everything you’ll read below is 100% based from my personal experience. This is not a sponsored blog.

Like most of us, I was skeptical! I was never a big fan of supplements, miracle powders, “life-changing drinks, etc. Duh! I drink a gazillion glasses of water and orange juice instead of pills when I get headaches. I did hear a lot of great things about NeoCell products – specifically their collagen collection. So, I forced myself to start this 30-day test with an open mind.

For the entire month of August, I added NeoCell’s Collagen Powder to my diet. To make it more fun, I tried different ways of taking it – in my morning drink, in my dinner smoothie, in a bowl of breakfast and a few others.

On the 1st few days, I added a scoop of the powder to a glass of orange juice or a sachet of my vitamin C drink first thing in the morning with an empty stomach – which is what’s recommended. Two things I will tell you about doing it this way – first, my juice had a weird aftertaste. It’s funky but quite tolerable. Second, this really helped me do my business every morning! (wink wink)

Neocell Collagen + Smoothie

I also tried adding a scoop to my dinner smoothies. Depending on your ingredients, it may or may not taste funky. One day, I added it to my regular smoothie that has almond milk, ice cubes, cucumber, spinach, strawberries and bananas – despite the strong flavors of the greens and fruits, my smoothie still had a weird aftertaste. If you wanna lessen the weird taste, add a few slices of apples. If you’re not into apples, try adding a tablespoon of peanut butter. It did the trick for me!

A scoop of it in my coffee or my hot cocoa in the morning is probably my most fave way to enjoy it. It actually taste really really good! The powder dissolves easily and it’s literally like adding powdered milk to your coffee or hot cocoa – it just taste a lot better.  😀

If you are always on the go and you literally have 5 minutes (or less) for breakfast but you hate the taste of your OJ with this in it, try adding a scoop of the collagen powder to your morning cereal. I love mixing it with a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. You can’t even tell that there’s something else in that bowl! Quick Tip : Make sure you stir it a little so the powder gets dissolved. If you do not leave a drop of milk in the bowl after eating your cereal, then, stirring it is something you may skip, I guess. 

Hit the like icon below if you also love anything that has avocado in it! Some days, I added a scoop of collagen powder to a bowl of sliced avocados (and/or bananas) and milk. Delish!



This powder is nothing short of amazing!

First of all, my hair definitely looked healthier and grew a little bit longer. It’s not a significant change but I did see growth and a lot of baby hairs so I guess that’s a good sign right?

Here’s an IG story I shared the day after I stopped the 30-day test :


After 2 weeks, my skin – which is normally dry – felt and looked so hydrated and healthy. I noticed that my under eyes looked brighter and I very rarely see dry patches on my face which is incredible!

Neocell Collagen Powder - Week 2 Nails
Excuse the nasty nails. I was busy packing boxes for our move and didn’t have the time to fix myself especially my nails.

The best part of this whole 30-day test has gotta be how fast my nails grew and how healthy they look. In the past, a nail or two would break every single time I try to grow them. I never aimed for long, glamorous nails because I know that I wouldn’t be able to maintain them. I wash dishes (Yes! Manually because I’m asian and we rarely or never use the dishwashers!) and clothes, mop the floors, and other chores that are done better and faster with shorter nails. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I don’t want my nails to be too short but also not extremely long.

I did not break a single nail the 1st 3 weeks of taking the powder. I am sure they would have looked as healthy on week 4 if I wasn’t packing boxes for our move to Vegas. Ultimately, it made my nails stronger and look healthier. 

I am very pleased with the results I saw after my 30-day test.

BUT, what happened after I stopped using it?

The very week I stopped using it, I see dry patches in my mouth and brow areas. I did not change my skincare routine and the weather was just as warm as it was when I was taking the powder. I could only assume that my skin was probably missing its daily dose of collagen. My nails did not feel as strong as they were. They went back to their delicate, brittle selves. I did not notice any noteworthy changes to my hair.

I think many of you will agree that products like this should be given months to see its full potential. It did give me great results but I realized that I need to keep using it if I wanna see more improvement. I am so eager to see how my skin, hair and nails would look if I consistently use it for 6 months or longer. I am definitely purchasing this from CVS or Amazon (or wherever it is cheapest) and keep you dolls posted!

I am also thinking of trying their Collagen tablets. Would you be interested to read a 30-day test blog on that? Or would you rather hear my thoughts on their Keratin Hair Volumizer? Let me know in the comments.

For now, I’d say NeoCell’s Super Collagen Powder is an absolute must try!

Btw, you can find this Collagen powder and the rest of the NeoCell babies in CVS, Walgreens, Amazon, VitaminShoppe – practically everywhere. Also check out NeoCell’s website and Instagram to stay posted on their amazing products. 

Thank you all so much for joining me in today’s blog. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I’ll chat with you again in our next blog.

Love you Dolls! xoxo

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