September Play by Sephora Bag – Is it worth it?

This is my 2nd Play by Sephora Bag. If you wanna see what I got in my first bag, just click on this link : As you know, Sephora offers a monthly subscription box for $10 a month. I pay $10.83 including taxes and that is 560.45 pesos.  If you are in the Philippines, this offer is currently unavailable there. Comment below if this … Continue reading September Play by Sephora Bag – Is it worth it?

Shinier Crowning Glory in just one wash!

I’m staring at a bag of samples that I have collected from different stores like Sephora, Ulta, Nordstrom, etc. It got me thinking – can one really decide whether or not to buy a product just by these samples? It gave me an idea that I hope to be of help to other people as well.  Starting today, I am adding a new segment in … Continue reading Shinier Crowning Glory in just one wash!

ColourPop Polish – One Wish, Two Wish : Is it a dream come true?

I was beyond excited when I found out that ColourPop has released their first batch of nail polish. First of all, I looooooove ColourPop. Second, I am obsessed with nail polish. I’m not the best in applying it but it’s certainly is one of the things I enjoy doing. I just posted a haul video featuring the items I purchased from ColourPop. If you haven’t … Continue reading ColourPop Polish – One Wish, Two Wish : Is it a dream come true?

Nordstrom Experience : My 1st!

It felt like looking at a Christmas tree with gazillion gifts under it. It was my 1st time at Nordstrom and it was an overwhelming experience. We don’t have Nordstrom in the Philippines so I got pulled into the store when I saw it at the Galleria mall in Dallas. It gave me a Rustan’s feel where you see expensive brands displaying their products in … Continue reading Nordstrom Experience : My 1st!

LOL Cosmetics Lipsticks Review

Is there really lots of love in these lipsticks? Keep scrolling! 🙂 Side kwento: I have featured this brand quite a few times in my Instagram and on my channel so I get questions like “Are you paid by the brand?”, “Do you really love their products or do you feature them because they send you products?” and many others. First of all, I have … Continue reading LOL Cosmetics Lipsticks Review

Amuse Color Correcting Primers

A few weeks back, I got this package from @lippiechicks , an IG seller. The package contains these primers. So, I took a quick break from my fave NYX Angel Veil to give these babies a shot. Are these making me say goodbye to my fave primer? Read up to know my thoughts! I tried googling the brand Amuse which is what I always do.  It is important … Continue reading Amuse Color Correcting Primers