Althea Korea Addiction


Apparently, I could easily spend $400 on an Althea Korea order! Yes, I have 20 something items in my cart as I draft this. No, I could not check them out (no matter how much I want).  Quite frankly, if I have all the money in the world, I’d try every item on Althea Korea’s… Continue reading MY 2018 ALTHEA KOREA WISHLIST!

Unboxing / Unbagging

UNBOXING : My Althea Korea Angel Welcome Box

You gotta see what’s in the box! I had something else planned for today’s blog but I saw my fave Pink box and I just need to tweak my calendar just a little bit. Cancelling today’s nap time to share with you all what’s inside my Althea Korea Angel Welcome Box fresh from Korea! I… Continue reading UNBOXING : My Althea Korea Angel Welcome Box